Transient Light Tarot

Transient Light Tarot

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A guided journal filled with prompts, quotes, exercises, and plenty of space to write down your dreams as you explore the signs and messages you receive each night as you sleep.

“The door to your heart and to your dreams opens inward.” –Louise Hay
Wander through the wild dreamscape inside your mind with this journal as your trusty guide. The writing prompts, exercises, and quotes in this colorfully illustrated book are designed to help you decode the whispered messages and subtle signs you receive from the Universe as you sleep.
Each page is a new surprise with plenty of space to write, inspiring and motivating you to use the wisdom of your dreams to create a happier, healthier, more joyful life.
As you travel the on this path inward, you will:

  • Take the time to write out your reoccurring dream and finally decipher its meaning.
  • Draw the face of the ancestor, spirit, or guide who comes to you in the night with advice.
  • Reflect on dreams you had as a child.
  • Ask your dreams questions and record the answers.
  • Discover how moon phases, crystals, herbs, or essential oils can impact your dreams.
  • Create a space for healing—safe from daily stressors—in sleep.
  • Not just sleep, but rest.

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