Our live events and workshops are where community comes together to learn, grow, and make some powerful Magic. Consider this your invitation to turn self-care into a love affair, tend to your budding curiosity, follow your heart's desire, and practice stoking the fire of your intuition!

Seagrape workshops range in topic, including deep-dives into herbal medicine, astrology, tarot, seasonal energies, and beyond. We offer an assortment of digital and in-person gatherings, as well as hybrid events with digital and in-person attendance. Each gathering is designed to awaken your curiosity, old knowing, ancestral magic, and provide tools to support a thriving ecosystem of witchy practices. Ticketing is offered on a sliding scale, with free tickets available to our BIPOC community by request!

Curious about workshops we've hosted in the past? Check out our digital library of workshop recordings, available on-demand. Take a Seagrape class from the comfort of a ritual bath — bonus points if your plans include sushi and a massage candle!

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