Seagrape Babes- A Community Where Magic & Ritual meet abundance and pleasure


Seagrape is a global community of babes with a mission to help you transform self-care into a love affair. This is your community- to learn in, be witnessed by, and develop your own relationship to Magic and Pleasure. We have created Seagrape Babes as a way to make space for vulnerability and true curiosity when it comes to our own desires and magical ways of existing in the world. Not only does this community provide hands-on resources like spells to try, journaling prompts and tarot spreads, but we are also actively engaged in community and conversation through this amazing platform. You’ll have access to CommuniTEA meetups, a Tarot study group, past video and blog content, exclusive workshops

No matter where you are on the self-love or magical journey, the witches of Seagrape welcome you with a cup of tea, gleeful joy and excitement! We are so glad you've found your way here, babe. 

Seagrape Babes has honestly been a goddess-send, especially during this pandemic and its aftermath. It's given me a space to be seen and appreciated for who I am and what I'm curious about, and it's also given me a space where I can appreciate and support other women as we traverse this world as our authentic selves. Also- the workshops are AMAZING (I don't even know how you get so many rad presenters) and the Tarot Study Group with Coleman is perfect. It grounds my tarot practice while showing me myriad ways to keep playing with my cards.


Seababes is an authentic community full of witchy folx. I joined as a way to reconnect with my inner self and gain meaningful connections during COVID. Both Maria and Becky provide excellent resources, prompts, and advice to help the Babes cultivate their craft and appreciation for their inner divine. I love the emphasis on self care and radical self love. All the Babes show up in meaningful ways to truly act as a virtual coven that respects each members’ individual practice. Huge thank you to ALL Seagrape Babes for welcoming me with open arms!!!


If you’re a witchy babe that wants to weave more ritual and magic in the mundane... this was brewed just for you.

Learn your way to joy.
Learn your way to pleasure.
Learn your way to HUMAN.

Rooted in Ritual. Connected to Magic. Fueled by Community. 

Membership starts with $25/month or $250/year (save $50!) - Cancel anytime!

Within the Seagrape Babes Community, our mission is to relearn this:

That LIVING is a Magical Act.

LET US BE YOUR CHEERLEADERS, BABE as you bring your own magic back to LIFE.

I love Seagrape Apothecary and I cannot say enough amazing things about Seagrape Babes! I've been a member since February 2021 and immediately sank into the goodness like a delicious and comforting bath. The community is so supportive, encouraging, loving, inspiring, and empowering! The babes come from all walks of life, and it has been a joy and an honor to learn from them, share in their triumphs, and provide space in challenging times. We love to celebrate each other through daily posts, and the articles the moderators share are always full of amazing invitations for self care. There's journal prompts, plant magic, recipes, music playlists, meditations, tarot spreads, you name it! The monthly themes are so anchoring to me in my own journey of honoring myself. I love the meetups; the tarot study group is a particular favorite of mine. At our most recent virtual gathering we were all just beaming at each other as we talked and I could feel that connection as if we were in person. What I adore the most is the camaraderie and the spirit of genuine community; while there are moderators, us babes are equal and we are always encouraged to share our views and uplift each other. We're truly building this platform together, and I'm loving every minute of it. 


I have mostly considered myself a solo practitioner, and I didn't have much magical community before I joined Seagrape Babes. The sense of support, love, care, and connection that I've gotten from the Babes has helped me so much throughout the pandemic, when I'm feeling isolated, when I want to talk about magic with people who just get it, and when I want to be inspired. I feel like my involvement with the Babes community and with Seagrape has given me a sweet permission to indulge in pleasure, find the things that are most pleasurable to me and that light me up and give me energy, and to realize some important truths about myself, one of which being that I have always been a pleasure mystic - I just didn't know it!  Thank you Maria and Becky and everyone who's a part of the community - you inspire me every day!



Stability & balance
Good Long Baths
Reading & Learning
Talking to other humans
And is always looking for the next thing to make your heart sing...

We are here for you, babe. Join a community of wonderful witchy humans who are learning to joyfully and pleasurably THRIVE by weaving magic and ritual into everyday life.



Every month we will cover a different focused theme such as Abundance, Pleasure, Body as Sanctuary and more to help you weave more ritual and reflection into your life. Look for weekly spells, journal prompts, and rituals related to the monthly theme!


Videos, recipes, blog posts and suggestions within each month’s juicy theme! Everything from ritual baths, to candle magic, and Pleasure tools like Yoni eggs for living your best life. 


Custom community-led study groups and skill shares ranging in topics like Astrology, Tarot, and more!


Monthly themed Spotify playlist to help you get you babe on, with lots of past playlists to choose from for the right magical ambiance. 


Monthly virtual community gathering with Maria, the owner of Seagrape. Expect juicy celebrations, vulnerable shares, joyful catch-ups, and lifelong friendships!


For all the curious witches! Drive into past blog posts, videos, tutorials, recipes, and discussion groups with full access to past Solstice + Equinox workshop recordings, challenges and study groups.


A virtual powerhouse community of magical and caring babes!


A free video replay of our Summer and Winter Solstice workshops as well as all past Solstice archive videos where you can learn about the energy of the season and create your own rituals.


Free day-long workshops created specifically for, and only available to  Seagrape babes as well as all past Equinox archive videos to help you deep-dive into the energies of the season and learn about new tools and rituals.

The babes are a group I didn’t know I needed! I love everyone’s encouragement and support for one another. Maria and all the babes have made it easier for me to look for and find pleasure in my day-to day life, and find magic in the mundane. I’m learning to trust myself better and feel into what my body and mind are craving. I love being able to share what I’ve been up to, how I’m leaning into curiosities, and ask questions if I’m feeling stuck. It’s a bunch of loving and caring people, and I’m all for it.


Welcome to the Seagrape Community, babes!

I am so glad you found your way here. As the instigator and visionary of this Magical creation it is my mission to help you turn self-care into a love affair and to transform ritual into a pleasure filled practice for personal growth and empowerment. Just a short while ago I couldn’t even remember what stirred desire in my belly so I set out to find the juicy parts of life I was missing. The disconnect from my own Pleasure caused a ripple effect throughout my life that affected my art practice, relationships, creative spark, and genuine rest. Seagrape helped pull me from this stagnant place and infuse my life and practice with simple pleasures, luscious experiences, and most importantly the space I needed to grow.

- Maria, Founder & CEO