Seagrape Babes- A Community Where Magic & Ritual meet abundance and pleasure

Hello, witch.

Are you ready to devote yourself to a juicier life?

Is your body vibrating with desire for nourishing Pleasure?

Are you eager to weave together the threads of Magic and Community?

So are we, and if you've found your way here, you're in exactly the right place. 

Seagrape Babes is a global community of magically-inclined folks on a mission to turn self-care into a love affair — this is your community to learn in and be witnessed by, whether you're just planting the first seeds of magic or whether you're tending a thriving ecosystem of witchy practices.

No matter where you're at in your process, we've created Seagrape Babes to hold space for your vulnerability, desire, and blooming curiosity about magical ways of moving through the world as a pleasure-powered witch. 

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I now feel part of a connected community, everyone on their own path, growing at their own pace, but being present to support one another. I take the classes and workshops that align with where I am at, and the majority of which are free to me as a Babe. I have grown a great deal as a witch after joining Babes, both inside and out. It has supported my magical journey, provided amazing learning experiences, and connected me to a wonderful community of witches. I lovingly call it my coven.


This offering is rooted in ...


This fundamental value is woven into every part of Seagrape. Pleasure is about finding the joy of being alive, chasing your passions, recognizing the Divine spark inside you, and nurturing it.


We believe that none of us stand alone. Each of us witches is part of a vast web, and when we tend to this web, we tend to one another and ourselves. 


In a world where we’re disproportionately disconnected from our ancestors, intuition, and cultures, it’s no wonder so many of us struggle for genuine bonds. Let's explore what it’s like to connect back to ourselves joyously! 

If you're listening to the soft whisper of your desire, and learning to let it lead you, this community was meant for you. 

We believe that pleasure magic was never meant to be solitary work; we interact with community, the natural world, and the energetic realms everyday. The web of connection is stronger when we learn to lean on each other, practice joyful reciprocity, and find deep nourishment and pleasure in our interconnectedness. 

This is the web that Seagrape Babes is weaving.

The Babes have helped me reframe how I think about my practice, made me feel like I have permission to use the title "witch", and also helped me feel like I have such a wonderful support network when I have questions or hurdles. They absolutely mean it when they talk about creating an inclusive, accessible, welcoming space. I felt supported and welcome from day one.


Within the Seagrape Babes Community, our mission is to help you remember:


Community Membership

Our Community Babes tier is $33, includes access to: 

•The community platform, where you can ask questions, share your magic and musings, and connect with other Babes

• Free attendance to our monthly community circles, psychic salons, and book club meetings

• The ability to connect with like-minded community members to find your coven in sub-groups and threads

• The archive of content (all past spells, video recordings, etc.)

• Exclusive Seagrape staff led add-on classes on topics like magical perfumery, creating your own grimoire and more!

Workshop Babes

Our Workshop Babes tier is $77 , includes access to: 

• The  community platform, where you can ask questions, share your magic and musings, and connect with other Babes

• Free attendance to our monthly community circles, psychic salons, and book club meetings

• The ability to connect with like-minded community members to find your coven in sub-groups and threads

• The archive of content (all past spells, video recordings, etc.)

• Exclusive Seagrape staff led add-on classes on topics like magical perfumery, creating your own grimoire and more!

Two monthly class recordings (announced at the beginning of each month!)




Joyful collaboration

Stoking your pleasure

Expanding your magical practice

And weaving community with other witchy folks?

You’re invited to the coven, babe. Join a wide web of magical humans who are learning to joyfully and pleasurably THRIVE.

Seagrape Babes is an authentic community full of witchy folx. I joined as a way to reconnect with my inner self and gain meaningful connections during COVID. Seagrape provides excellent resources, prompts, and advice to help the Babes cultivate their craft and appreciation for their inner divine. I love the emphasis on self care and radical self love. All the Babes show up in meaningful ways to truly act as a virtual coven that respects each members’ individual practice.


When you join the Babes, you can expect ...


Every month, we'll explore a different focused theme such as Abundance, Shadow Work, or Self-Devotion to help you weave more ritual and reflection into your life — each theme is threaded through with astrological and magical information. We will offer you exclusive spells, journaling prompts, and rituals related to the monthly theme in the community feed!


We share videos, recipes, blog posts, and suggestions within each month’s juicy theme! We're here to spark inspiration, babe. Get ready to dive in with ritual baths, candle magic, and pleasure practices for living your best life! 


A beacon for the hungry-hearted babes looking to explore seasonal magic, traditional witchcraft, and pleasure-full living in a casual witchy container. At the end of each month, we’ll join together for tea and a juicy discussion about the book of the month (which corresponds to the Seagrape monthly theme!)


Tap into your psychic mediumship skills with Ylva Mara and Kiki Robinson of the Living Altar, connect with your fellow psychic witches, and ask questions in community!


An opportunity to gather with other witchy babes at the Seagrape shop (or virtually!) for an hour-long exploration of our monthly themes through tarot, journaling, visualization, and shares.


Pair yourself up with another magical Babes member and keep each other accountable for your self-care practice, lunar rituals, or whatever your heart desires! 


If you’re a curious witch,  dive into all of our past blog posts, videos, spells, recipes, and discussion groups with full access to our past Solstice and Equinox workshop recordings, challenges, and study groups. 

Welcome to the Seagrape Community, babes!

Seagrape Babes has honestly been a goddess-send, especially during this pandemic and its aftermath. It's given me a space to be seen and appreciated for who I am and what I'm curious about, and it's also given me a space where I can appreciate and support other babes as we traverse this world as our authentic selves.



How can I access this community?

Seagrape Babes is available through Mighty Networks, a digital platform and app you can access on the web, as well as iPhone and Android.

What is a subscription membership?

Seagrape Babes is a community within a subscription model. Once you sign up your payment will auto renew unless you cancel your subscription- whether you signed up for a monthly or yearly option (like Netflix!). We trust you to be responsible with your purchases and cancel your subscription if you need to, though know that we will miss you! Please note, we do not offer refunds.   

What are the Seagrape Babes community values and mission statement?

Seagrape Babes is a collaborative community space — we ask that all prospective members take a look at our values, mission statement, and safer space policy found here

What if I'm not a beginner witch?

If you're an intermediate or advanced witch, you're welcome in the Babes! Our community is beginner-friendly, but there's an abundance of juicy resources, gatherings, and shares for you to sink your teeth into when you're ready to dive even deeper. There is also ample opportunity to be someone's witch sibling, accountability buddy, and a leader within this amazing community!

I'm excited to connect with other magically-inclined folks, but not sure if I'm "witch" enough for this community. How beginner-friendly is this space?

In the Babes, you'll find a wide web of witches and magically-inclined folks (and other who may not identify with these terms!) at different stages in their practice. Even if you've never pulled a tarot card or don't know the difference between your Sun sign and your Moon sign, we're here to welcome you with excitement, witch!

Can I join Seagrape Babes even if I don't live in Portland, Oregon?

Absolutely. Seagrape Babes is a world-wide community, and the majority of our gatherings are held exclusively through Zoom, with a select few hybrid events including digital and in-person attendance. 

Is this a women’s group?

Seagrape Babes is not a women’s group, though women and femmes (and folks of all gender identities and expressions) are welcome in Seagrape Babes! Seagrape Apothecary is Queer-owned and operated, and the majority of the Seagrape staff is genderqueer. We ask that all community members get into the habit of asking folks for their pronouns, and gently divest from binary, gendered language where they can.

I’m Queer, will I be welcome here?

Yes! Seagrape Apothecary is Queer-owned and operated, and we couldn’t do what we do (in the Babes community, in the shop, or anywhere else you can find Seagrape) without the immense support of other Queer folks.

I’m BIPOC, will I be welcome here?

Absolutely, witch! We are always working to make this digital space more inclusive and welcome ideas from community! Feel free to shoot us a message at

What are your Community Guidelines?

Seagrape Babes is a community first and foremost! Members are welcome to form their own get togethers, moon circles, study budies, and more! This is not a sales group so no sales of services or products will be allowed.

Do you offer a discounted payment plan?

Our monthly payment plan is $33/month, or you can save $66 annually by paying $330/year for our annual membership.

What's your return and exchange policy for this membership?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges for our Seagrape Babes membership. Please be mindful in your choice to sign up, and if you’re not sure- try it for a month!