Introducing December's Theme: Basking in Your Glow

distance, December is here to ask: how are you BASKING IN YOUR GLOW?

Now is the time to take inventory of all the ways your magic shines. Deep beneath the chill of the dark season, your spirit burns as brilliantly as a flame. Take time to thank your body for carrying you through the past eleven months with grace. Offer yourself rest not only as a gift, but as a survival strategy. Let yourself expand, soften, and imagine the light inside you spilling over. This light never goes out, and you're never is absolute darkness, babe.

Let your spirit warm the way for you this month as you sink deeper into comfort and bliss. You're worthy of celebration the whole year round, but spend a little extra time doting on yourself in December. You're made of starstuff — treat yourself accordingly!

All month long, we'll be here to offer you guidance, tools, and the sacred container of community! Our workshops and gatherings are full to bursting with seasonal magic for stoking your hearth fire, swaddling yourself in protection, tapping back in to your intuitive power, and more. If you're hungry for even more tools this month, sink your teeth into our CSW box full of curated magical goodies.

Want to indulge even more?! Join Seagrape Babes, our brand new member community site and receive a library of information, video tutorials, and a supportive community backing you up.

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