Introducing July's Theme: Body as Sanctuary

July is here babe! This month is all about body as sanctuary, so get cozy (or naked, if the weather keeps up with this heat) and join us as we tend to our bodies as sacred sites of magic.

Your body deserves recognition, worship, and care. How are you offering loving space to your original home? The month ahead is an opportunity to return to your first and final sanctuary with renewed intention. The ways in which we treat our unique and beautiful forms have deep and lasting effects, on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. To accept is to heal, and to change is to heal. Both are necessary when sitting with the ancestral wisdom echoing within your blood, your bones.

Imagine your body as a flourishing root system: from this epicenter of connection, reach outwards and embrace those who help you feel whole, invite in deep pleasure, and create a sanctuary worthy of our magic. What are you reaching towards babe? What energies are holding you beneath the soil? Even from a distance, we can shore one another up by the foundation. Find your inner radiance, always present and waiting to be discovered. Draw forth the light from within, for yourself and your communities, and beam that radiance out into the world.

Take time this month to witness the power that we all contain as it lights your way. Those sparkles ahead tell us that we still have a distance to travel, but that we deserve rest as the journey unfolds. You are on the right path, babe, and we're here with all the magical tools at our disposal to help guide you.

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