Introducing March's Theme: Self Devotion

Welcome to the season of Self Devotion, babes. This month is all about calling your energy back to you. Now is the time to give yourself permission to claim sweetness for yourself—what desires have you been hiding away in the shadows? What parts of yourself have you been holding back, chipping away at, or outright denying? We're here to support you all month long as you coax your pleasure into the light.


In the coming weeks, let yourself be seen for what you truly are—a glorious babe. You're worthy of being worshipped, and your desires deserve to be tended to! How are you getting your needs met? Where can you create space in your schedule for lavish self-tending? Remember that the time spent re-filling your cup is sacred. When was the last time you poured love into yourself simply because you knew you deserved it?

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Good Long Baths
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Talking to other humans
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