Introducing April's Theme: Tender Heart

Take a moment to ground, return to your body, and feel into your tender heart this month! All month long, we're planting the seeds of community care that will allow us to flourish into soft, replenished blooms in the season ahead. We'll be taking a look at our intuition, using our body's wisdom to guide us through the twists and turns of our heart space, and sinking deeper into the support systems nurturing our growth. As we step back into the light season, let's call on the magical tools that allow us to self-soothe. These past two years have trapped us all in a cycle of energy-depletion and fatigue, but it's okay to give back to yourself now, babe. Attune to the subtle energies dictating how you move through the world. How are you tapping back in to the self-care rituals, practices, and tools that allow you to live this juicy life? 

tender heart Events


Stability & Balance
Good Long Baths
Reading & Learning
Talking to other humans
And is always looking for the next thing to make your heart sing...

We are here for you, babe. Join a community of wonderful witchy humans who are learning to joyfully and pleasurably THRIVE by weaving magic and ritual into everyday life.

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