Introducing January's Theme: Guiding Light

Welcome to 2022, babes! The Year of the Lovers is upon us—the Hierophant has taught us all they can, and now, left to our own devices, we have a decision to make. How will we choose to cherish our pleasure as this new year begins to bloom all around us? Without the energies of the Hierophant to lead and guide us through the challenges that await, how will we show up for ourselves, our needs, and our desires?


The Lovers year is ripe with a myriad of opportunities—and how you approach this budding new year is up to you, babe. Will you sink into a new magical practice with joy and grace? Will you meet yourself where you're at, and make room for contemplation and introspection? This new phase sings with possibility—you're standing at the threshold of a new era. The slate has been washed clean. What would it feel like, if you allowed your past to rot and return to source? Small steps forward are still progress, no matter what grind culture says—take that first step into the new year. Be tender with yourself. The gleaming unknown looms large in the distance, but its beckoning you, hands outstretched. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be led.


This January, we invite you to follow the guiding light of your own inherent magic. Consult with your guides, your allies, and your spirits—now is the time to build a strong foundation for your magical practice as you descend into the rest of the year. Where has your heart been pulling you? Which path is catching your eye? Give yourself permission to follow it, whatever it is, and don't look back. We're here to support you along this new path the whole year long, with juicy workshops, monthly witch kits packed with goodies, a blog brimming with rituals and spells, and more!

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