Introducing September's Theme: Taking Root

September has arrived and it's time to see yourself TAKING ROOT!

Welcome to September, babes! Take root in your body, your magic, and your energy in the most integrated sense. Now is the time to refresh your boundaries, thank your guardians and guides, and sink deeper into your reciprocal connection to the divine.


This month, we're returning to the fertile soil, and burrowing deep beneath it. The vitality of all our magical creations depend on the health of our roots, both literal or metaphorical. Think of the roots of a tree, endlessly connected and so, so alive. Creativity and abundance abounds when our energy is most centered and present. How are you showing up for your spirit's needs this month, and how will you show your appreciation for this ? All of us at Seagrape invite you to lean into the heady whispers of your spiritual roots this month—return to the rich underworld of your heart. It's there that you'll find the sustenance you need to see your creative visions through the dark half of the year.

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Stability & Balance
Good Long Baths
Reading & Learning
Talking to other humans
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