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Seagrape’s commitment to our values creates a lens of integrity we are so very proud to stand behind! Not only are these values the way we operate the business but they are also the way we exist, teach, and show up in community.

Pleasure: This fundamental value is woven into every part of Seagrape. Pleasure is about finding the joy of being alive, chasing your passions, and recognizing the Divine spark inside you, following and nurturing it. Pleasure is about leaning into the Yes, listening to the soft whisper of desire and letting it lead you. 

Beauty: Slowing down enough to notice the beauty of being alive is the medicine for the times. In each handmade object we choose, each intentional ingredient is a story and a world worthy of attention. We believe in slowing down, looking around, and being amazed by the vast beauty around us. Seagrape creates the beauty it wants to see in the world. 

Community: We believe that none of us stand alone. We interact with each other, the plant people, rock people, and the energetic realms everyday. The web of connection is stronger if we lean on each other, practice interdependence and find family in each other and the medicine we utilize daily. 

Embodiment: We believe you deserve to be your authentic, full self shining bright in the spotlight of your life’s desire! You deserve to live an embodied life, connected to Source, your pleasure, beauty, and community. You deserve to show up as your best self, following your dreams and passions in the world. 

Connection: In a world where we are disproportionately disconnected from our ancestors, intuition, and cultures it is no wonder so many of us struggle for genuine bonds. We believe is fostering connection and reconnection for our communities through workshops, writing, and tools. Connection can be found in so many places: Deity, plants, food, ancestral magic, kitchen witchery, the natural world, dreamscapes. Let's explore what it’s like to connect back to ourselves joyously! 

We provide education and community space in a safer, friendly environment in hopes of helping folks cultivate self-care skills and trust in their own magic. We support independently employed makers and teachers with values that mirror ours. We value customer input and strive to host workshops and events that attend to community needs and growth.
We do our best to conduct business in a way that is  responsible by reusing and recycling as much packaging as possible. We also choose the tools we provide carefully, making sure the plant material we use and sell is harvested and made sustainably, discontinuing anything that becomes scarce. 

Safer Space Policy

Our Safer Space policy exists to, as best we can, eliminate oppressive actions, behaviors and language in the shop and the community as a whole. Seagrape is a space where everyone will be treated with respect and worth.We attempt to provide an atmosphere which is safe and welcoming, and where everybody feels respected.

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination, or any behavior which makes other people feel vulnerable or threatened. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination against race, age, gender, sexuality, faith, disability, size, and country of origin or physical, verbal, mental abuse or sexual harassment. 

We believe in working cooperatively together and learning from our shared experiences. Additionally, we ask that all customers respect this policy and treat each other, and our team , accordingly. We ask that customers respect people’s’ physical and emotional boundaries, respect people's opinions, beliefs, differing states of being and differing points of view, be responsible for their  actions, and aware that they may have an effect on others regardless of their original intent.

You will be asked to leave the premises if you are violating this policy. 


Please note that Seagrape is not a low-scent space. Although we only stock and make products with botanicals and essential oils, there is a strong and distinct scent both in the shop and the online orders we ship out. This is not something we can control or limit at this time.

The shop, located at 2823 NE Sandy Blvd is wheelchair accessible with an ADA restroom. There are no steps and there are smooth floors and rugs throughout the space. if you have accessibility needs, please email us at

Reach out with any questions!

Our Flagship Store

2823 NE Sandy Blvd

Portland, OR 97232

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