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Seagrape is a global community of babes with a mission to help you transform self-care into a love affair. Through education, handmade tools, and a network of resources we cultivate a sacred space for you to experience your pleasure, personal power, and magic. 

Magical job details: Event Coordinator & Digital Marketing position *CLOSED*

🌙Job Type: approximate hours 16-20hrs a week.

🌙Number of hires for this role: 1

🌙Reports to: shop manager 

🌙Compensation: $18-20/hr based on experience (with room for full time growth), PTO, flexible schedule, generous employee discount, 401K match, attendance to events. Health insurance for full time staff.

🌙Applicants must be local to the Portland area. 

Seagrape is a queer owned body care brand and apothecary with a focus on self-care through scent, magic, ritual, and practical tools. We are excited to announce we’re hiring an Event Coordinator & Digital Marketing Witch! Applicant must have a passion for the kind of work we do and products we sell, be a great host and community tender, have a fun-loving personality, enjoy creating genuine, warm, engaged interactions, a background in for-profit event planning and organizing, be full of innovative ideas, and have an insatiable appetite for learning, marketing, writing, and achieving set objectives and goals. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • 🌙2+ years experience in for-profit event coordination
  • 🌙You shine at networking and customer service.
  • 🌙Strong written and marketing skills.
  • 🌙Creative problem solver. 
  • 🌙You are a tech savvy systems witch to take what we’ve created and make it even better! 

We are looking for a part time team member who is excited about supporting Seagrape’s Magic in the world and is ready to translate it into both an in-person and digital format as we weave local and online offerings together. Our Event Coordinator & Digital Marketing position entails helping the education side of Seagrape grow, run smoothly, and thrive. Your job will be to weave a web of community magic and engagement, ensuring that all events meet set goals (energetic and monetary), while upholding Seagrape’s Mission and Values.


  • 2+ years of for-profit event coordination. 
  • Experience with digital marketing, sales, writing copy and graphic design. 
  • Very tech savvy - familiarity with POS, Macs, spreadsheets, aweber, illustrator, zoom, canva, asana and other project management systems. 
  • Excellent writer and word witch. 
  • Good at systems and very good at creative problem solving. 
  • Available to work evenings and weekends.
  • A self-starter and increasingly look for creative ways to meet and exceed set goals,  grow sales, and uphold our mission and the brand overall.
  • You are compassionate and non judgmental, a great listener, able to hold space for others. 
  • You are passionate about and have knowledge in holistic skin care, aromatherapy, magic, ritual, astrology, personal magical practices and the healing arts. 
  • You have a self-care practice that includes some of these in your everyday life.  
  • You’re a problem-solver. If there’s a challenge in front you, you thrive on finding a solution to get it done. 
  • You have exceptional organization and you excel when you’re multitasking.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced and bustling environment. 
  • Wearing multiple hats is fun and exciting for you. It’s your happy place.  
  • You are outgoing, personable, engaging, compassionate, love teaching and are simply a joy to be around. 
  • You are open to constructive feedback and direct communication and see it as an area to grow. 
  • You love growing and improving your skills.
  • You love writing about magical things and doing that excites you.  
  • You have an appetite for learning and  love marketing, event planning, and sales. 
  • You’re communicative and love sharing your ideas and providing feedback. 
  • You thrive in collaborative work environments and being a team player. 
  • You love to create a warm, welcoming and supportive environment. 
  • Your general personality traits are: creative, friendly, understanding, consistent, flexible, punctual, adaptable, and accountable.

Primary duties include:

  • Create, sell, and host Seagrape events, online classes, virtual gatherings as well as in person events.
  • Find, communicate with and book instructors for events and classes.
  • Create content for all social media channels relating to events. 
  • Answer event related emails quickly, professionally and efficiently with clear communication and customer service in mind.
  • Communicate with the rest of the team on event needs and other topline information.
  • Follow Brand content and bring creative content to brainstorm at weekly staff meetings. 
  • Monitor and report customer feedback and requests on events, classes, and community needs.
  • Encourage word of mouth promotion and customer engagement with product info and upcoming events knowledge.
  • Create content about events and distribute through local and social media platforms (newspapers, flyering, etc.)
  • Keep the events calendar full, host events, meet sales goals, and endure all events run smoothly.
  • Contribute 1 blog post a month.
  • Set up in person and  online class offerings, webinars and digital recordings. 
  • Make sure supplies that are needed for an event or workshop are ordered in a timely manner.
  • Organize work-trades and outreach/ recruitment for events and workshops.
  • Monitor, track and evaluate all events. 
  • Prepare and break down space including refreshments and seating for events
  • Find ways to ensure marginalized community members have equitable access to all events.
  • Ensure workshops and presenters uphold Seagrape values by implementing our pre-screening process and monitoring events, intervening if necessary. 
  • Make recommendations of Seagrape growth areas that help support community needs and Seagrape community values.
  • Know and love the Seagrape brand, mission, and vision.
  • Provide attentive, caring service to all who attend events.
  • Create organic relationships with customers that build on the values of the Seagrape brand.
  • Other duties as assigned

To Apply: 

Send a PDF resume and cover letter to info@seagrapeapothecary.com detailing why you’re a good fit for this position as well as your sun, moon, and rising signs. Please also include whether or not you're a Seagrape customer.  

Applications close on 7/28/23. No phone calls or walk-ins please! 


​​Magical job details: Retail Sales + brand specialist *CLOSED*

Applications close 7 /30/23, (sooner if we find the right fit) No phone calls or walk ins please, we will update the listing when the application closes. 

Join our sweet little queer shop! Seagrape is excited to announce that we are hiring a Shop Witch (aka Retail Sales + brand specialist)! The ideal candidate is a creative problem solver with a love of sharing the magic of herbal medicine, ritual tools and self-care goodies with the community! Bonus points for those with stellar boundaries, the ability to banter about Tarot and Astrology, and a sense of wonder!  

🌙Position Type: Part time, 12- 18 hs/ week (shifts are 2/3 days wed- sat 10:30-5:30pm, saturday availability a must)

🌙Compensation: $16/ hr training, $17+ based on experience after, employee discount, PTO, free attendance to events and more.

🌙Location: 2823 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland OR - This is an in-person position. You’ll be working out of our Portland shop and will conduct all job activities on site.

🌙Reports To:  Store Manager

To Apply:

Send PDF resume & PDF cover letter to info@seagrapeapothecary.comdetailing why you’re an amazing fit for this position. No walk ins or calls please.

Please also include: 

- Your sun, moon, and rising signs

- Whether or not you’re a Seagrape customer

- A statement about your understanding of intersectionality and how it informs your magical, cultural, and personal practices.  

Applications close 7/30/23, (sooner if we find the right fit) No phone calls or walk ins please, we will update the listing when the application closes. 


1+ years experience in retail

Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

Love for handmade, magic, and self-care tools

Excellent organizational skills

Proactive and a problem solver 

Able to connect with people from all walks of life with empathy

A personal self-care practice 

A personal emotional well being practice

A personal magical practice 

Sees opportunities for improvements and runs with constructive feedback 

Communicates ideas for improvements

Creative problem solving skills in an ever evolving environment

Personality & Values:

In alignment, and genuinely excited about Seagrape 

Loves connecting with people and networking

Community oriented and genuinely interested in getting to know customers

A team player who isn’t overwhelmed by many moving parts

Highly detail oriented and communicative

Intuitive and able to see the big picture goals while completing all tasks leading to it 

Calm, grounded, and attentive with a can-do problem solving superpower 

Values beauty, pleasure, and has an abundant outlook on life


Create a positive and supportive work environment.

Oversee customer service operations to ensure customer satisfaction

Build strong customer relationships

Collaborate with team to perform loss prevention

Help implement in-store and digital promotional events or displays

Maintain daily operations as set by the manager such as accurate inventory, email correspondence, social media engagement, shop esthetics, product research and feedback, shop partner relationships, and any other duties as assigned by the store manager . 

Offer support to customers and clients regarding products or services purchased by helping them pick out products, telling them about makers, listening to their personal stories, etc.

Make customers aware of the various offerings Seagrape has through flyers, conversation based on product interest, babe recommendations, etc. 

Ensure Seagrape’s values are met  (community - greet and get to know the customers, beauty- dress well and keep the shop looking sparkly, etc).

Tend to the storefront, create advertising and display strategies based on manager’s instructions

Relay customer needs and suggestions to manager, make suggestions for improvements 

Meet goals that have been set by and with management

Handle customer issues and complaints with grace and compassion

Oversee accurate pricing, product displays, and general presentation of products.

Communicate any product needs to management. 

Uphold an excellent standard of quality on all Seagrape goods and services

Maintain a clean shop environment, following all systems and shop protocols to ensure daily upkeep and deep cleans 

Assist in production and other miscellaneous shop needs as Production Lead and Manager needs.

Meet sales goals as set by manager and owner 

Participate in marketing and shop photoshoots (optional) 


Job description: Seagrape models CLOSED

Calling all babes! If you love embodying sensuality, self love, and pleasure this is a great fit for you! Seagrape Apothecary is seeking diverse models who want to be part of a future sensual professional photoshoot. Black, BIPOC, Trans, Queer, Fat/Plus Size, folks 40+, and Sex Workers to the front! Modeling experience is not required, just a love for Seagrape!

Looking for:

Seagrape Lovers - Especially customers

Diverse Models looking to embody sensuality

Pay: $100 per shoot (2 -4hours)


At this time we don't have a shoot scheduled, we are looking for models to feature for upcoming months. Photos can be used on personal social media, as long as Seagrape and photographers are credited.

You will be asked to sign a model relsease and the images will be used on our social media, website and other platforms!

To Apply:

Send headshots or any previous modeling photos to info@seagrapeapothecary.com with the subject line "Model Application." We will get in touch with further details.