Cookbook of Shadows: Simple Recipes for Powerful Magick

Cookbook of Shadows: Simple Recipes for Powerful Magick

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A Grimoire for Enchanted Cooking

Become a true magician in the kitchen with ninety simple, delicious, and effective recipes. Featuring the magickal attributes of more than one hundred ingredients, Cookbook of Shadows teaches you how to shape reality through mindfully prepared food.

Melanie Marquis's unique approach makes this recipe book double as a Book of Shadows, presenting sections on cooking by the elements, seasons, and planets. She also offers recipes for magickal goals, such as attracting more peace, prosperity, strength, and love. Discover essential skills for beginners, a detailed guide to correspondences for common ingredients, space to add your own associations, and much more.

Whether you're looking for seasonal feast ideas or a magickal midnight snack, Melanie provides everything you need to unlock the maximum power of food.

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