Spring Magic: Sensual Plant Meditation

Spring is a fertile time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. This magic is potent, babes. Shifting from the cold and dark of winter often feels like a challenging and muddled experience but here, in this liminal space between winter and summer, there is infinite possibility to find pleasure, bask in the sensual experience of being alive, and give your full attention to the plants around you. Everything the plants do is a sensual ordeal: the way they grow, the way they communicate, the way the exist in the world. We can work with plants as they respond to the call of a seasonal shift, and we can learn how to grow into sensual embodiment through their lessons.

A rustle of leaves dancing in the wind, a glimpse of a rabbit tail hopping behind a bush — the world is waking up, babes. Do you see it? The soil is still damp, absorbing the offerings from the sky. There’s a wet, earthy quality to the air as the winds weave through. Do you taste it? A sweet bird is singing their morning song while another calls to a friend; warmer days signal a cycle of fertility to the non-human world around, cueing the cycle of rebirth. Do you hear it? The earth is slowly stretching their limbs up and out, a joyful movement into a seasonal shift. Perhaps you’ve noticed an awakening sensation in you as well. Like a lure is attached to the inside of your soul, slowly pulling your light from the depths of winter to the surface, stretching and yearning to be witnessed; this is your body waking up along with the world around you. Do you feel it?

Your body is just as integral a part of the animal world as the spring flora and fauna you witness. You are as fluid as a bird, as spry as a rabbit, as tender as the branches blowing in the wind. This spring, how would it feel to notice these seasonal shifts first with curiosity? What would it feel like to embody them?

Below is a meditation that can be used as a tool to project yourself into the sensational spring experience of plants. All you will need is a plant friend that you feel connected to in your backyard or at a local park, but if you’d like to have a heightened sensation these are some plant ally products we looooove: 

  • Pomegranate Essence (for help connecting to the ways we nourish our first protector, our skin)
  • Hedge Tonic (tried and loved for the tulsi and motherwort) 
  • body oil (Overworked has chamomile and calendula, beautiful plant allies for connecting with light and inner sun) 

A Sensual Plant Meditation: 

Prepare your environment and take a moment to ground into your body. When ready, cast your gaze onto the body of your plant ally. Notice the shape and patterns. Notice the way they move in the wind, or the way the light lands on their leaves, petals, stem. Notice the environment around- anything that makes itself known to you is relevant. Observe for as long as it feels right. Slowly start to sway, tracing in your mind the outline of your plant and moving your body accordingly. Use this rhythm to cast yourself into plant embodiment, and navigate your senses as if you were that plant. 

Watch your body or shadow as you move, and imagine your body to be the plant. What do you see? Notice the wind around you. The way your hair moves, the way your skin reacts. How does it feel? Close your eyes and absorb the sun on your face. How does it taste? While your eyes are closed, try and place what’s going on around you. What do you hear? If you are working with a plant infused oil or essence, engage curiously with the different ways you experience their presence. Try placing a dropper of the essence onto your tongue before inhaling. Gently massage the oil into your hands and arms. Do you notice any changes in how your body feels?

Now imagine the color of the plant as a glowing orb inside you. Keep swaying and wiggling and picture the orb expanding slowly over your body with every inhale. With every exhale, extend your limbs just a little further, making space for the orb to glow, all while dancing to the plant pattern.

Continue this rhythmic dance, this earthly sway, until the glow has expanded to the final bounds of your body. This is your light coming to the surface. 

Sit in this state for as long as it feels good, offering space to notice, bask, and reflect on what feelings show up. When you’re ready to end the meditation, thank your plant for collaborating in this magic with you.

Here are some reflections to consider after engaging with your plant: 

  1. What part of this practice gave you a fuck yes feeling?

  2. What was a surprise? 

  3. What would make this meditation feel more pleasurable? 

  4. What part of this practice should you adjust for next time? 

Practice with different plant forms and see which medium feels best to attune to. 

There may be some challenges that arrive when sitting in stillness and intentionality. Be gentle with yourself, babe! Meet yourself where you’re at, and know that these practices take time and repetition. You have full agency to shake this up in whatever way feels amazing.

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