New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries

The upcoming fiery New Moon in Aries gives us the courage to rise up, be bold, and follow our passions. New Moons represent an opportunity to reset, and set intentions. This moon passionate moon asks you to ponder on your life, see where you can begin anew, and voice those wants. With this New Moon being in Aries, there is a strong push to be brave and leap into the unknown. As you ponder on the blockage or disruptions that could be causing some stickiness in reaching your desires, ask yourself how you can be gentle while being brave.

This New Moon in Aries is especially strong because you'll also be experiencing a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses are an invitation to dive into massive transformation, introspection, and fresh starts. This is a wonderful time to look within and reassess the direction you are going. Solar eclipses are an opportunity to take an inventory of your life, and make positive changes.

Aries challenges you to act with determination, courage, and passion. Question where you find yourself giving up your personal power, and consider what steps you can take to take charge of your life. Invite in this fiery energy as a boost to embody a more authentic version of yourself. The eclipse is pushing you to question where you can make changes, and Aries is pushing you to discover how you can make those changes happen.

Take some time today to create an Intention Setting Ritual:

Adorn your altar or your body in colors that make you feel inspired and powerful. This could look like your favorite pajamas, a necklace that always gives you extra pep in your step, or crystals. Light a candle - red for Aries, or perhaps black to mirror the sky - and anoint yourself with an energizing ritual oil

Find a comfortable space, and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself. Open your journal to a fresh page, and use these prompts to guide you in finding your intentions for the upcoming moon cycle.

-What do you feel most passionate about? Why?

-What would you seek out now, if there were no consequences?

-Write 5 things you love about yourself

When you have finished writing, reread your entry, and choose one element to incorporate into your daily life for the upcoming moon cycle of 14 or 30 days. Write your intention on a fresh page, and leave it on your altar or somewhere visible to you as a daily reminder that you have permission to be bold and follow your passions. 

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