Weaving Abundance with Gratitude: cultivating joy in everyday pleasures

What is abundance to you? How does it live in your body and mind? Abundance is not only our right to embody, but a deeply personal aspect of being. What looks and feels like abundance to one person will be entirely different to another, and honoring those differences is essential to making compassionate space for all, as well as inviting abundance into our own spheres in possibly new and surprising ways! Remembering this is necessary to respect the unique lives of others, and to also stay humble, grateful, and generous in our own experience.


Abundance and gratitude are like coffee and cream, cutting some of the bitterness and enriching the experience with a sweet and smooth natural companion. Without gratitude, we may be cultivating habits of scarcity, fear, or greed. Walking the path of these lessons is a lifelong journey. It requires growth and understanding, as well as facing some deeply rooted, foundational fears. Vulnerability and self-searching is required to undo the scarcity mindset when it feels like home. We may be asked from within to find and commit to a healthy balance of action and striving, rest and witnessing. When there is no foundational respect for ourselves, we succumb to the bullying to only strive for more - and we exhaust ourselves. In this way, we tip our inner balance and become stuck in supremacist mindsets. There is inherent anxiety, traumatic response, and spun out sensations of disorientation. These moments invite us to ground in, center, rebirth ourselves from the splintered nest in our minds and learn to fly into the unknown. This can sometimes feel like a distant possibility when the world around us reflects such different values, but each time we consciously enact true gratitude for what we have while envisioning our own growth, we cast spells of abundance for ourselves, and our communities. That ripple carries on far past our perceptions, too.


Often we forget the power of speaking our intentions into the world. Our mind is a space for divine visions and chaotic realities to exist; a cavern of dreams, anxieties, possibilities, and all wonders imaginable. Speech is different. It requires admittance, dedication, and comprehension. With our own breath, we blend the energy of life with the mystery of sound, shaping it into the physical with the organs and muscles of our bodies. Speech carries energy from the core of our being, sending it up and out. In this way, we create magic by lifting the abstract into the tangible. Why does it feel awkward to look into a mirror and say "you are beautiful on every level," or to place your hand on your heart and say "I am a living altar of abundance" out loud? The world may prefer that you pipe down, but you're not going to do that anymore. We're learning to undo the old lessons of oppression and to access the love we were born to know and live within.


A simple ongoing ritual you can try at home is to access abundance through writing and speech, supported by the magic of gem essences. We carry a selection of magical supportive tools such as journals and essence elixirs crafted by Jessie Susannah AKA the Money Witch and available here. Taking a few drops every day, speak your intention of personal richness and abundance into the world. You can also offer some magic to your journal with the writing prompt: where does abundance and gratitude intersect for me today?

This ritual is a way of letting life know you are committed, that you're willing to acknowledge your right to what you have always been, and that you are ready to meet these gifts with gratitude.


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