One Handed Summer Read

Vampires. I'd never thought much about them, honestly. I haven't read the Twilight books, nor have I watched the movies. I guess the idea always seemed ridiculous. How could I get turned on by a cold body? But recently my view was challenged.
Luna had always been my favorite place to go at night. I always thought it was strange that a tea bar opened at 6pm and closed at dawn, but it never was empty. Ever. In fact the later it got, the more crowded it became. People stood around tall tables drinking little cups of warm liquid, sharing grins and voices low as graves. The live chamber music made the place special, too.
When I met Cyth, I didn't notice how pointed their teeth were. All I saw were the long braids tumbling over their tits like dark waterfalls. And of course - their gaze. I'd never seen eyes like that before - like little burning coals. But the bar was always dark, and there were always white candles perched on every shelf and corner, dripping like cum. Flames seemed to be reflected in everyones eyes. 
Cyth played the violin. It seemed to scream and sigh in pleasure at their command. I often wondered what it would be like to be touched by them in such a way. I don't know how, but they seemed to sense when these thoughts crept up in my mind. Their burning eyes would catch mine, and I would know that I'd been caught. It made me feel excited and nervous at the same time.
Then came the night when I found out exactly what their violin knew. I ordered my regular cup; the Iron Tree. A black tea blend, good for iron absorption and a great herbal medicine for an anemic like me. The music was different that night. A single cello was played, adding a dense warmth to the cool stone walls. I leaned back and relaxed into the ritual of my tea. As I sipped, my eyes softly closed. When I opened them again, there was a face very close to mine. Cyth. 
"Hi. I wanted to smell what tea you were drinking," they said. 
"Oh it's the-"
"Iron Tree. I know. It's most useful for iron absorption."
"Oh yeah, ha...yeah, that's why I drink it. Are you anemic too?" 
Cyth paused and let out a puff of a laugh. 
"No, I'm not," they said, slowly blinking through their own inside joke. 
I tried to laugh along, but felt myself fumble on the inside. Still, the sudden encounter made by blood race through my body. I asked Cyth where they were from. We talked for hours about the world, the way it had changed over the years - and I came to realize that they were reflecting memories of events from centuries ago. Pre-Islamic battles of the middle east, long journeys on the sea, raucous parties, loves, deaths, rebirths - my heart began pounding as I looked around the room again. What I could not see before was suddenly understood. The cello kept pace with my mind, moving quicker as I realized that this wasn't just a tea bar, but a safe space. 
"Stop that," Cyth said with a dry chuckle. "We don't ask for pity here." 
"I'm sorry, I was just- did you just read my mind?"
They shrugged. "It's just part of what I do, I guess." 
"What else...can you do?" I knew I didn't need to ask out loud, but it escaped me before I could catch it. Countless train cars of questions came after it, with answers that played out in my mind. I saw Cyth push me hard into the wall, rip my clothes off and sink themselves deep into my skin. 
Cyth watched my thoughts play out like a movie. I knew it, too. 
 "Is that what you want?" They asked. 
"I won't do anything without consent. You have to invite me inside." 
I nodded. I smiled. They smiled too.
Their cold hand took mine and led me to a narrow staircase I had never noticed. 
"Up." They commanded.
I walked slowly, and felt a gentle whip on my ass. I turned around and saw something I had never seen before. Fangs. Cyth was smiling at me. 
"Say the word 'chaos' if we need to slow down," they said. "Okay?"
"I will."
"Good. Now MOVE." The whip snapped harder this time. 
A wooden door greeted us at the top of the stairs, opening by some hidden breeze. Cyth gave me a shove, and I entered a candle lit chamber with a large four poster bed that appeared very old. There were markings all over the bedposts, sigils - some old some freshly carved. The room smelled of blood and flowers. 
I heard Cyth, but could no longer see them. I took my shoes off, then my pants and shirt. I paused, wondering if they had become invisible, or if they were simply hiding. I then felt a sharp sting of the whip on my ass again, shocking me back to the moment. I quickly removed my underwear, wet from excitement and blood. I remembered that I was on my period. Fuck. For some long seconds, nothing happened at all. Then I felt the chill of Cyth's breath on my neck, followed by the drag of a fang. I turned around and saw them, eyes ablaze. 
"Look, I need to tell you something. I'm bleeding right now. Is...that okay?"
Their face transformed from cool and smug to wild and ecstatic. 
"Lay the fuck down," they said.
Their pronged tongue was strong and cool to the touch; unlike anything I had ever felt, working into me and over my clit at the same time. Two ropes controlled by nothing twisted and bound my wrists, securing themselves on the bedposts - enough to move, but not far. Cyth's lips and tongue worked together to suck the freely given blood from my body. I felt my clit swell, as the violin had. I sighed loudly. Cyth gently bit my inner thigh, careful not to break the skin but knowing that the threat excited me. They pulled off their dark gown over their shoulders, around their waist and let it fall over their superclit, down to the ground. Stepping out of it they seemed to grow twice as tall. They stepped up onto the mattress, pre-cum dripping onto my bare legs and onto my stomach. 
"On your hands and knees." 
I complied, and felt their long nails caress my cheek. Soft cotton rope twisted around my body, creating patterns and becoming tighter and tighter. My body bulged from the constriction. I bled, and felt free. Cyth pulled my hips high and I felt their body tease my clit, grinding it into dizzying satisfaction. As they pushed into me, I felt their tits grazing my upper back, tongue on my neck and up my ear. Their breath became warm, heating my whole body from the neck down. I was suddenly panting, lazily lapping at the air around me. I climaxed with the force of a full body earthquake, and so did they. Warm blood mixed with hot cum. Our two curved bodies melted into the bed; still pulsing, but in shared tranquility. The rope vanished from my wrist, and my hand gently explored the sore, wet space between my legs.
"So," said Cyth with a heavy breath, "would you like a cup of tea?"    


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