Essential oils for everyday use

Essential oils for beginners

As a self-care advocate and maker of natural body care products, essential oils are a huge part of my life. They are my secret weapon for calming my nerves, setting boundaries, feeling happy and just about everything else. Certain aromas ignite different physiological responses and I find essential oils to be very healing.

Benefits of essential oils
Aromatherapy has been used to treat ailments for centuries and isn’t just something that’s “trending.” There’s been scientific studies to show the benefits of essential oil use on many different things including:
  1. Improving mood and creating “good vibes” 
  2. Aiding in relaxation and sleep
  3. Inflammation relief
  4. Prevent certain illnesses and boost the immune system
  5. Healing skin irritations (when topically applied)

How to use essential oils
Essential oils are very potent. Make sure that you know how to use them properly.  Remember to use a carrier oil (such as almond or jojoba oil) when putting it directly on your body. You can also diffuse your favorite essential oil in a diffuser at home to get the same benefits without topical use. Use essential oils to make your self-care routine more magical or when you’re building an altar.

Essential oils also make an amazing addition to your bath routine, with a proper carrier oil, of course.

My favorites in the morning are:
Black pepper - courage, energy, protection and warming energy 
Bergamot - happiness, joy and assistance getting out of a rut

To my nightly bath, I like to add these essential oils:
Lavender- relaxation, sleep, anxiety, general worries felt in the body
Rose- self-love, loving boundaries, heart-opening
Juniper- purification
Lemongrass- purification, physic awareness

Some other favorites include:
Ylang ylang- aphrodisiac, relieves depression
Clary sage- vivid dreams, joyful, uplifting
Cedarwood- grounding, protective, connection to ancestors
Jasmine- love, abundance

When I’m on the go, I like to use essential oil perfume blends to reap the benefits of essential oil use while also smelling delicious all day long. Some store favorites are:
Laurus (for calming and increasing focus and confidence)
Blossom (invigorating, calming and aphrodisiac)
Energize (uplifting and invigorating)

Who wouldn’t want to smell good and enjoy the benefits of essential oils right? Essential oils are my number one go-to for self-care and self-love and I think that it should be yours too. 
Tell me, do you use essential oils? What are some of your favorites? What are some new ones that you’d like to try? Tell me in the comments below!

I am not a medical professional. As wonderful as essential oils are as an alternative to using medication, you should always consult your physician. They can be beneficial to your health and well-being but are not meant to replace any medication for serious conditions.

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