Developing a Daily Practice

The wheel of the year has completed its cycle and we are ready to begin again. This is an invitation to compost habits that are no longer serving you, gather your tools from the previous year, and lay a fresh foundation. Each day can be seen as a mirror for the wheel of the year, with mornings being a time full of potential energy and growth. As we start this fresh cycle, establish a morning routine of self care to carry you through your day and your year. 


Morning rituals can often be portrayed as too time consuming, too elaborate, or otherwise inaccessible - but this is a nourishing practice for YOUR magic, not the magic of Instagram! Finding or making time for pleasure is a powerful practice, and something you deserve.  


Make it simple:

Try starting simple - take a moment to breathe before leaping out of bed. Switch your alarm to a gentle sound, and reach a hand over your heart and over your belly and take a few deep breaths upon waking. Say hello to your body and spirit, and breathe gratitude in before starting your day. 

Making your bed in the morning is also a powerful magical practice. As you fluff the pillows and pull the covers into place set the intention for Sacred Rest, pleasure, and Magic so that when you get back into bed later it'll already be full of good vibes!


Engage your senses:

If you’re looking for even more ideas for your morning ritual, engage your senses upon waking. Set your coffee to brew the night before so you wake up to the delicious aroma, or light a candle and allow yourself to be surrounded by soft warm light first thing in the morning. Use touch - perhaps invest in a fuzzy robe or slippers, dry brush your skin, or use body oil for a morning massage to wake your lymphatic and immune system. Sip a warm tea with nourishing herbs like nettle or lemon to rehydrate yourself after sleep. Engage your mind by journaling or meditating, engage your body by dancing or stretching! Try adding a single new element to your routine this week, and see how it shifts your morning. 


Start a daily Divination pull:

Add a little extra magic to your morning ritual with a daily divination pull with a Tarot or Oracle deck. A daily pull is a great way to integrate the cards into your life, allowing your intuition to guide you for the day.

Sit somewhere comfortable and shuffle your deck of tarot or oracle cards. When you reach a meditative or relaxed state, pull a card. Set your daily card somewhere you can see like an altar or even snap a photo and set it as your background! Take a moment to jot down any thoughts or feelings that come to you while pulling your card, or about the card itself. Reflect back on the card you pulled throughout the day- how is that energy showing up for you?


When we start our day by prioritizing our self care, nourishing our spirits and bodies, we set ourselves up for success. Filling your cup first allows for you to fill the cups of your families, communities, friends, and more! Take time to let pleasure guide your day. 


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