The Home Herbal

The Home Herbal

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Boost your health and improve your self-care with over 100 herbal medicine recipes to make at home

An herbal medicine-making guide for modern life that starts with you.

Learn how to make over 100 easy herbal remedies at home that will improve both your mental and physical well-being. Organized by everyday needs and ailments rather than by herb, this intuitive, beautifully illustrated guide will help you find the right herbal restorative for you, investigate the root of problems, and better understand your physiology.

Celebrated herbal practitioner and best-selling author Andrew Chevallier offers a holistic approach to natural medicine. He will teach you not only to treat symptoms, but to identify their causes and explore the mind-body connection, so you can meaningfully apply each simple herbal solution.

Covering everything from poor sleep, common colds, and menstrual problems to low mood, heart health, and safe dosages, discover how you can make plant remedies an integral part of your self-care routine and master essential medicine-making techniques for maximum efficacy.

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