The Astro-Luna Journal

The Astro-Luna Journal

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Meticulously examining every star sign, The Astro-Luna Journal gives you an in-depth look at the archetypes of the zodiac, along with how the moon interacts with these cosmic forces.
Thoughtfully crafted by expert astrologer Monika Anna,
The Astro-Luna Journal is your guide to the moon’s journey. Introspective journal prompts invite you to set intentions at each New Moon, then reflect on how you achieved your goals at the Full Moon. Featuring beautiful, full-color illustrations by Sibylline Meynet, The Astro-Luna Journal includes
  • An overview of the moon’s phases and how they affect you
  • An archetypal guide to the zodiac
  • How to create a personalized moon ritual for self-care
  • Journaling prompts for the new and full moon in each sign
  • How the moon moves through your birth chart

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