Tarot Therapy

Tarot Therapy

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Bring connection and purpose to your life through the wisdom of tarot

Tarot Therapy is practical toolkit for understanding your life more fully through the wisdom of
the tarot. Tarot therapist Leona Nichole Black, guides readers through every aspect of daily
life—from love and relationships, to careers and social impact—using the major arcana a source
of inspiration and guidance. The process is intuitive and immersive, a unique and powerful way
of finding mental clarity, processing life experiences, and giving voice and language to your

Throughout Tarot Therapy you’ll find personalized prompts, meditations, and tarot spreads that
will empower you to:
- Read the map of your life's journey
- Hear the wisdom of your inner-voice
- Take time to heal and grow
- Make life-changing decisions
- Reveal your talents to the world

Tarot Therapy is a reflective guide that will help you deepen and strengthen your most
important relationship—the one you have with yourself.

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