Sugar Mama Gem Essence Elixir

Sugar Mama Gem Essence Elixir

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The gem essence elixir resources your re-parenting process. Heal childhood financial/emotional wounds due to neglect, receiving material treats instead of having emotional needs met, and fending for yourself too early."

I tend to think of this essence as strongly restoring the divine nourishment flow to our lives. It is all Cancerian Mommy vibes, divine Mother and like all our products, it is for bringing about healing of money wounds and calling in abundance. Also it tastes amazing.

To use: Speak your intentions out loud. Place 4 drops under tongue, in a glass of water, on heart center, or on your altar to assist your inner child in feeling seen, held, nurtured, and nourished helping you become a better adult.  

Contains: essences of pink opal, serpentine, rhodochrosite, clear quartz, blessings of The Matronae held in spring water, elderflower, motherwort, and honey infused apple brandy. 15ml

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