Ms. Tea Herbal Elixers
Ms. Tea Herbal Elixers
Ms. Tea Herbal Elixers
Ms. Tea Herbal Elixers
Ms. Tea Herbal Elixers
Ms. Tea Herbal Elixers

Ms. Tea Herbal Elixers

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Herbal remedies for these times. Ms. Tea believes that collective healing is requisite to individual self care. They operate through principles of community and reciprocity by donating a portion of all proceeds to QTBIPOC-led organizations and folks at the intersection of social and environmental justice.

Try a dropper full in your bubbly water, on a salad or just directly under the tongue for direct delivery of this potent medicine. 

Into the Light Herbal Joy Elixir 1oz

Call in the joy of summer sunshine, melt away tension from stress, relieve pain & spasm, strengthen nerve & awaken your inner light with this blend of restorative Shen tonic herbs.
St. Joan's/John's Wort blooms on the summer solstice and brings the warmth and light of the sun into our being, especially during the darker months when seasonal gloom sets in. St. J's Wort is also a unique nervine/hepatic herb that has been used to move stagnation and ease melancholy, frustration, irritability and aggravation.
Milky oat tops, tulsi holy basil have been used to rebuild the nervous system after periods of burnout from stress, anxiety and insomnia.
Gotu Kola supports connective tissue and can help maintain clarity of intention while Hawthorn nurtures our heart centers and gives a boost of Vitamin C.
Mimosa flower essence creates expansion in our hearts so joy, abundance and sensual pleasure may fill us.

Due to the presence of hypericin in St. J's Wort, avoid prolonged sun exposure while taking. Use caution if you are taking prescription medication, as SJW is known to counteract most prescriptions when taken internally.

Contains: st johns wort, milky oats, lemon balm, tulsi holy basil, gotu kola, hawthorn, mimosa, local raw honey, organic spirits, organic vegetable glycerin, flower essences, fresh herbs

Elderberry Elixir Immune Honey Syrup - 2oz

Elderberry double extract has been used as a traditional folk remedy to strengthen our first line of defense and aid our natural immune response.
Fresh Elderberry + Ginger + Reishi are daily immune allies to fortify our vital centers.
Rosehips are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants and support healthy energetic boundaries.
Licorice + Holy Basil are adaptogen tonics to resist stressors and modulate inflammation.
Cinnamon warms + balances the tart berries in this blend to make your tastebuds sing.
Essence of Fireweed, Garnet and Rose Quartz offer protection, grounding and purification of weak or stagnant energy.

Contains: elderberry, reishi, elderflower, rosehips, ginger, tulsi holy basil, cinnamon, fireweed essence, garnet essence, licorice, organic spirits, apple cider vinegar, local raw honey

Fairy Ring Mushroom Elixir- 2oz

Support your natural defenses, adapt to inner & outer stressors, nourish frayed edges & soften your heart space with this intergalactic mushroom blend.
Reishi is a classic immune tonic and adaptogen, also known as the herb of immortality.
Turkey tail, Lions Mane, Shiitake and Maitake lend their own immune modulating properties.
Ginger + Astragalus further support our first line of defense to help us rally (or rest and digest).
Mimosa flower softens and uplifts the heart space, tending to all matters of heartbreak & grief.
Sweetened with Cinnamon honey and Vanilla bean to warm this whole blend and make your tastebuds sing.
Contains: reishi, maitake, shiitake, lions mane, turkey tail, astragalus, mimosa flower, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, organic spirits, organic glycerin, local raw honey

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