Love Spell to the World Kit

Love Spell to the World Kit

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Dubbed a love spell for the world, this set is everything you need to enchant and be enchanted. Aromatherapy at its finest, both forms of Indulge are here to soothe, excite, and uplift with notes of lavender, patchouli, and geranium.

This set includes:

1 bar of Indulge

1 vial of Indulge perfume

1 Flirt lip balm

To create your spell:

Start your day with an indulgent and romantic shower with this skin soothing soap.

Next, adorn the altar that is your body with this mesmerizing perfume (behind your ears, on your wrists, other pulse points).

Lastly, as you prepare to leave your home, put Flirt on your lips and blow a kiss to the world. Go get 'em, babe.

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