Jupiter / Wheel of Fortune Candle

Jupiter / Wheel of Fortune Candle

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Handmade soy wax ritual candle infused with Jupiter’s Beard flowers, Wisteria flower essence, Lapis Lazuli gemstone essence, and Cardamom and Mandarin essential oils, nestled around a Jupiter charged Labradorite gemstone. 

Each planet in our solar system corresponds to a tarot card and a numerology number, and by working them together you can enhance and deepen your relationship to the planet. The sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and the number 10 rules completion and fate. Use this candle to connect with the planet Jupiter the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card, and the Number 10. Invoke the exuberance and fortune of the great e x p a n d e r ! Summon luck, optimism, curiosity, and break-throughs as you keep the big picture in mind. Life is a miracle. Cherish it with Jupiter’s joyful abandon!

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