June Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Hot Witch Summer

June Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Hot Witch Summer

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This box is only available to monthly subscribers! Once we run out, we're out. Subscriptions are shipped on the 10th of each month.

Our June CSW box says YES to a juicy dose of much needed magical personal indulgence. Whether we're cooped up indoors or basking in the summer sun, this is the time to savor ourselves in whatever way feels most fruitful to us. Sensuality and pleasure are first and foremost individual pursuits. Water the flowers of your own garden, then share the radiant bounty of what's grown - if you want. Show up for yourself. Surprise yourself. Seduce yourself. This is the moment of radical fullness you've been waiting for. You are that witch, and we see how brightly you shine. Hot Witch Summer, here we cum. 🐆 😏


This months Community Supported Witch (CSW) "Hot Witch Summer" box includes:

Custom Spelled Aphrodisiac Glycerin Drops

Juicy Pleasure Zine (a love letter from Seagrape, really!)

Herbal Lillipops

Aphrodisiac Loose Smoking Blend

You're Sexy Custom Shimmery Spelled Oil

Ice cube tray + juicy summer spells to heat you up + cool you off


You can always cancel your subscription by emailing us at info@seagrapeapothecary.com by the last day of the month, it's all at your finger tips! Keep in mind that a limited number of kits are made every month so if you cancel your subscription and all the spots are full you may not be able to repurchase one. 

*Once the subscription charge comes through on the first of the month you can no longer cancel that month's order.

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