Journal Therapy for Calming Anxiety

Journal Therapy for Calming Anxiety

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366 Prompts to Help Reduce Stress and Create Inner Peace

Anxiety can interfere with your relationships, career, sleep, health and overall emotional well-being. In this 366-day journal, psychotherapist Kathleen Adams distills her 35 years of clinical experience into a guided, day-by-day writing process to ease you into overcoming anxiety through mindful writing, using expertly crafted journal prompts. In this gentle program designed to help you shift thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you can start seeing benefits in as little as two months. The secret? Intention (your own desire and determination) attention (focusing your mind, body, and emotions), and action (regular writing and taking steps toward behavioral change). Over the course of weekly cycles, you'll learn a variety of skills. Empower yourself to move toward healing, growth, and positive change - one page, one day, one five minute entry at a time. 

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