IntuWitchin: Learn to Speak the Language of the Universe and Reclaim Your Inner Magic

IntuWitchin: Learn to Speak the Language of the Universe and Reclaim Your Inner Magic

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A savvy witch’s guidebook on strengthening their innate capacity to speak the symbolic language of the universe and trusting their inner knowing—their intuwitchin.

From the founder of Witch School Mia Magik comes a guide to what she calls IntuWitchin. There’s a key difference between intuition and IntuWitchin. While they both come from within us, IntuWitchin involves our innate capacity to learn and fluently speak the symbolic language of the Universe. It allows us to receive information from every animal or number, any part of our body, dreams, conversations, and more. We’ve all been told to follow our intuition, but IntuWitchin shows you how. It means reclaiming your magik to see how the world around you is always communicating with you and letting you know which way to go.

IntuWitchin makes you your own teacher, guide, healer, and hero of your story. Putting the Witch in IntuWitchin supports you in owning your witchiness—how your wisdom expresses through you—and synergizing that unique essence with the magik of the world all around you.

The book describes how to tap into your Intuwitchin and apply it in your life with rituals, magikal practices, journaling prompts, and chapters on:

Reclaiming the witch wound in order to move forward in courage and empowerment
Understanding signs and symbols from the Universe
Divination tools like astrology, tarot, numerology, and color magik
Recognizing how your body speaks to you
Incorporating the wisdom of the elements into your magik

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