Healing Burnout with Astrology & Tarot

Healing Burnout with Astrology & Tarot

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A unique fusion of tarot and astrology dedicated to lightworkers and individuals working in service and conscious activism, including tools, contemplative questions, and rituals.

Healing Burnout with Astrology & Tarot is a tarot-astrology devotional of sorts for the helpers and healers of this world—including lightworkers, starseeds, intuitives, creatives, teachers, and other changemakers—who seek to manage the realities of burnout while remaining engaged in creating a more just, peaceful, and equitable world.

It does so by introducing the decan system within astrology—in which signs are split into three detailed sections, based on degrees—and explaining how to use them for self-care and personal growth. It also introduces the concept of tarot correspondences, which can be used alongside the decan system in a detailed yearlong journey of reflection that meets readers where they are—searching for answers—and guides them to a place of intuition, wisdom, and integration.

Full of tools, contemplative questions, rituals, and tarot exercises—in addition to appendices providing at-a-glance information on the decan system in astrology, tarot meanings, signs, planets, and houses—this book will heal, inspire, and sustain burnt-out lightworkers so that they can, once again, engage in joyful advocacy for justice, peace, and liberation.

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