Embodying Your Ancestral Magic: Workshop Bundle (zoom series)

Embodying Your Ancestral Magic: Workshop Bundle (zoom series)

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Join Espen Artio, an ancestral witch & folk magic practitioner, for this journey into foundations of ancestral craft. In each digital zoom class, we will explore different aspects of how to connect with your ancestry for healing, blessing, and empowerment…all rooted in the values of love & liberation.

Live Workshop Dates:

  • January 27
  • April 27
  • July 27
  • October 26
January—Your Body Is The Altar
In Winter, season of Earth, we will connect to our bodies as the altar of the ancestors. Together, we will explore:
•just how expansive the concept of Ancestor truly is—and see how that expansiveness is rooted in our bodies!
•learning simple, grounded practices to strengthen our connection to our ancestors 
•boundaries, sovereignty, and the right to choose differently than our living family or previous generations
•feeling into how truly innate, simple, and accesible this work really is

April—Ancestral Prayers: Embodying Your Sacred Voice 
In Spring, season of Air, we will explore the idea of prayer and unpack ways to approach communicating & expressing with/to/about the divine. Together, we will explore:
•using our voices as sacred conduits of magical & spiritual energy in order to both communicate with and channel spiritual energy
•how to connect with a variety of ancestors (human and other than human) through sound, song, and speech 
•remembering how to communicate with the living Earth around us
•speaking your truth as ancestral healing

July— Beauty Is Your Birthright: Beauty & Pleasure Magic for Ancestral Healing
In Summer, season of Fire, we will honor the power & magic of beauty, pleasure, and joy in our ancestral healing journeys. Together, we will explore:
•liberating the blessing of beauty from the oppressive standards of kyriarchy and uplifting the innate beauty of all things 
•seeing the ways beauty & pleasure have been honored since ancient times, and why these forces have so much healing power 
•building simple practices of noticing, feeling, and tending beauty 
•beauty & pleasure as nervous system healing and ancestral blessing

October— Story & Ancestral Memory
In Autumn, season of Water, we will connect to the well of ancestral memory that lives within each of us, and sit with the power of stories for healing & liberation. Together, we will explore:
•how we embody the stories we carry and the fluid possibilities of remything
•how to use ancestral stories to help us understand our lives
•storytelling as a means of both remembering ancient & ancestral wisdom and as a way to envision new futures 
•how we can shift the narrative of internalized, generational stories to reclaim ancestral gifts and heal ancestral wounds 

This workshop bundle includes four general admission tickets. These classes are hosted on Zoom with a 30 day video replay (even if you can't make it to the LIVE class) and are accessible world-wide. Closed captions, as well as complimentary workshop materials!

Make a witchy babe smile, and get this magical bundle as a gift!

These bundles are available for a limited time only! Once the first class meets, we will be discontinuing this amazing discount. There are only 10 bundles available!

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