Mercury / Magician Ritual Candle

Mercury / Magician Ritual Candle

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Handmade soy-wax ritual candle infused with priestess grown, trend, and gathered lemongrass, rabbitbrush flower essence, and spearmint essential oil, nestled around a Mercury charged Chrysocolla gemstone.

Each planet in our solar system corresponds to a tarot card and a numerology number, and by working them together you can enhance and deepen your relationship to the planet. Mercury rules communication, adaptability, writing and speaking, movement, and the mind. The signs Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury. The Magician rules your tools, and the basic elements of magic that form your magical power. The number 1 rules leadership, and the guts it takes to stand up, move swiftly and get stuff done.

Use this candle to connect with the planet Mercury, the Magician tarot card, and the numerology number 1. Invite in clear communication, strengthen healthy boundaries, assert independence, claim and activate elemental birthright tools, sharpen skills, generate new ideas, and take initiative.

120 burning hours

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