Saturn / The World / 21  Handmade Ritual Candle

Saturn / The World / 21 Handmade Ritual Candle

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Handmade Grey/black handmade soy wax ritual candle infused with Horehound herb, Cattail Pollen and Wild Oat Flower Essences and Glacier River environmental essence, with Bergamot and Black Pepper Essential Oils, nestled around a charged Black Tourmaline gemstone.

Use this candle to connect with the planet Saturn, the World Tarot card, and the number 21. Invoke growth and maturity, expand responsibility, prioritize discipline, embrace cosmic transformation, connect to your truth, and complete the cycle. Together with Saturn and the World, rise in your authority and receive the wise gifts and challenges of time.

This candle is perfect for those working with the cycles of Saturn and Saturn Return. Every 7 years Saturn makes an important new transit to your natal chart placement. Folks around 28-30 years old & 58-60 years old are having their Saturn return. Saturn challenges us to let go of what no longer serves and step up in service to a new version of ourselves.

120 burning hours

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