Call in Joy Gift Set

Call in Joy Gift Set

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We could all use a little extra sparkle these days, right? This set is made to call in joy in all its forms. A perfect gift for a friend or coworker who's smile lights up your zoom calls, a gift for yourself to brighten your day, or for anyone who needs some extra sparkly love! This joyful gift set includes:

Pink Rose Tincture:

An alcohol-free blend associated with love and beauty, and ruled by Venus, Aphrodite, and Eros - this flower is a magical powerhouse. An energetic ally for self compassion and love. 

Starstuff Room + Body Spray: Use to dream your dream in the world, open up psychic channels, and lean into the magical creature that you are! Uplifting and dreamy scent notes of cistus, juniper, mugwort, clary sage, devana, linden, red mandrain, and palmarosa surround you. Pink primrose flower essence infuses this spray, offering a deep sense of self acceptance. 2 ounce bottle

Orange Sage Soap: Scintillating, tender, and uplifting - this handmade soap is an exfoliating and delicious bar of goodness!

Energize Roll On Perfume: A blend laced with juicy notes of orange, grapefruit, lime, and lemon. This sharp, fresh smell is sure to lift spirits.

Spark Magic Oracle Sticks: This shimmering matchbox contains 50 faux matchsticks full of prompts that are derived from magic and spiritual practices that are approachable, and focused on accessing and growing personal power. This is the gift of feeling powerful, strong, and magical in the everyday.

Sticker: Because what's more joyful than a sticker? (Options will vary, we'll intuitively pick one for you <3) 


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