Smoke Clearing Bundles

Smoke Clearing Bundles

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Handmade with materials gathered in Portland, OR, these bundles are perfect for burning. Each herb is chosen for magical and healing properties. 

Uplift: A blend of cleansing and protecting eucalyptus, rosemary and bay, accompanied by cedar and purple dead nettle to improve mood and invite good health to you.

Be Gone: Larkspur leads this banishing blend of smoke with juniper, bay + rosemary for extra cleansing and protection, basil included to invite positive energy and levity back to the space. 

Rosemary + Eucalyptus: A blend of livening and cleaning energies, perfect for a bit of cleansing and clarity!

Rosemary+Bay+Eucalyptus: Bay, eucalyptus and rosemary work together to create a cleansing and protective energy.

Rosemary: When burned, Rosemary releases a powerful clearing and protective energy. Helpful to aid against nightmares, and stimulating for the mind - perfect for clearing your space before or after working! 


Each of these bundles is approximately 6-7" long and 1 1/2-2" diameter. Please allow for some variation due to the fact that these are all hand made.

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