Beyond Gratitude

Beyond Gratitude

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Beyond Gratitude is about becoming aware of your emotions and the role they play in the physical expression of your life. First, you impress your subconscious with feelings, and then life turns those emotional impressions into physical expressions. We used to say that thoughts create your reality, but really it’s your emotions that do the creating. The thoughts can bring about emotions, but it’s the emotions that actually create.

First, we will help you become aware of how you’re feeling and welcome ALL of those emotions. This workbook isn’t about suppressing emotions or pretending they don’t exist. It is about bringing awareness to them, noticing them, and boldly inviting all of them. Greet them with enthusiasm, no matter what they are, because even if you prefer not to feel this way, this emotion is causing you to ask for its opposite.

As we progress through the exercises, not only will you become aware of your emotions, you learn how to practice the feelings you want to feel. Just like anything you want to get better at, feeling how you want to feel takes practice. It requires diligence,trust and gratitude. The exercises in this zine will give you the tools to deepen those skills while also guiding you up the emotional scale.

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