Apothecary Rose - Parfum Crème // rose gallica, apricot, myrrh

Apothecary Rose - Parfum Crème // rose gallica, apricot, myrrh

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An ode to Rosa Gallica — the apothecary rose. This latest addition to the Parfum Crème line melts into the skin like butter, imbuing flesh with the heavenly scent of heirloom roses and verdant freshly cut stems bolstered by the aroma of sweet tarragon, jammy apricot, and warm, resinous, and earthy myrrh.  

Though the exact timeline of rose gallica's history is shrouded in a fragrant veil of mystery, it's told to have first bloomed in antiquity. Born to Persia (Iran), it was prized not only for its enticing aroma and grace but for culinary and medicinal uses as well. As the centuries passed, the bloom migrated from Southwestern Asia to Europe where, by the Middle Ages, it became the first cultivated rose found in the cloistered gardens of medieval monasteries. 

At the turn of the 19th century, French druggists used it as a symbol of their pharmaceutical pursuits, flanking the entrance of their apothecaries with it — giving Rosa Gallica the common name of 'The Apothecary's Rose'. Fast-forward to the 21st century, this heirloom rose is still cherished for its beauty as well as its longstanding historical legacy and the ongoing use of its culinary, olfactory, and medicinal virtues.

FEATURED NOTES: rose gallica · rose de mai · damask rose  · tarragon · violet leaf · apricot · labdanum · myrrh

ASPECTS: dewy floral with a fresh green opening · jammy with herbaceous nuances · resinous, earthy dry-down with subtle undertones of aromatic spice

THE RITUAL: Scoop out the desired amount of this scented balm and gently warm it between your fingers before applying it to pulse points (wrists, the crook of the elbow, the nape of the neck, the décoleté) or wherever you please. Solid perfumes perform best when in contact with heat and do wonderfully on warm summer days, or when applied under the collar of a shirt when the temperature drops. Those with facial hair may consider working a small amount into their beards if desired, as well.

10 g in an amethyst glass pot nested in a gift box. 

INGREDIENTS: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Floral Waxes, Essential Oils, Absolutes, Plant Extracts).

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