You SEXY gift set

You SEXY gift set

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Indulge in this aphrodisiac trio. Created with romance, sensuality and amorous spirit in mind, this set is full of sexy luxuries. 


Creamy and nourishing, Birth of Venus bar soap is made with indigo and blue clay to provide an intoxicating shower experience. 

Massage Oil:

2oz Dark + Sexy massage oil is made with an aphrodisiac blend of black pepper and ylang ylang. Enticingly spicy and sweet, this massage oil is the perfect way to begin and end a lovely evening. 

Roll on Perfume:

Indulge roll on perfume is sexy in a bottle. Earthy patchouli, sweet lavender and romantic rose geranium evoke a vintage kind of romance. Dab on the wrists and neck to ignite feelings of love, lust and attraction.

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