Your Pleasure FIlled Year - Frequently asked questions

Please email us at with any additional questions you may have!

This program is about diving into our pleasure through practical, magical, and community practices. The program is designed to help you be in tune with your own body-wisdom and intuition, and build a life filled with joy and pleasure! You get to deep dive into your magic and pleasure within a small, dedicated group for 6 months, and do self-study within our bigger private community for the second half of the year. A full year to explore with a whole lot of babes cheering you on, babe!

This program is for folks of all genders and ages (18+) that are looking to commit to, and invest in themselves. If you want to relearn to prioritize yourself, step into your life more fully, and develop a connection with your own personal magic, this program is for you! This is for those ready to be vulnerable, stoke their desire, do the work, and make space for magic and pleasure.

The Seagrape Babe Membership is our private community. You are automatically enrolled in the community for FREE for the year of 2022 when you sign up for this program, or if you're already a member, you will receive a free membership in 2023. All of the videos, worksheets, and questions will be housed in Seagrape Babes, so you will become very familiar with the community.

Pleasure is an amazing value to cultivate! When we make space for ourselves and prioritize our wellbeing we blossom into a well, whole human that is better able to show up for others in our families and communities. It is vital to tend to our wellbeing in a world that does not encourage us to develop or value ourselves. We’ve so glad you’re choosing to invest in yourself!

This is a packed program! We will meet LIVE over zoom twice a month, with recording of the call made available to you for as longs as you're part of the group. You will also have 1:1 calls with Maria, group Q+A sessions, medicine making days and more! The Modules will cover information, practices, hands on assignment and homework. The whole group will also meet for a live Round Table over zoom every third Monday for a Q+A and to review the homework from the previous week. You will be expected to keep up with both the video content and the live calls, though you may revisit the materials at your own pace afterwards as well.

Don’t worry! We are together for a whole year, so if you need to miss one or two classes you can always hop into Seagrape Babes and catch up on the videos you missed, ask questions, or reach out to another community member to connect about the homework.

No problem! You will have a money back guarantee pass for the first 2 weeks of the program, including the first two Modules. If after that you decide it isn't a good fit, just email us at with a request for a refund (this will exclude the $500 non refundable deposit). The course is completely non-refundable after the second week, 2/12/22.

Sure! Though this program is heavily informed by ritual and magical practices, we welcome all folks who want to dive into this practice, whether or not they identify as witches.

Yes! This program was built with community in mind. Everyone who joins will be part of an intimate private community of people also taking the course. This means there will be monthly community building, interactions, discussion, and more. You will get to know the group intimately, and hopefully grow to be a magical cohort with friendships that last into the future!

Hi, I’m Maria Vashakidze, the founder of Seagrape Apothecary (established in 2009)! I’m an artist, witch, and a creative queer with a passion for community connection and cultivating pleasure. I am a white, Jewish Russian/ Georgian immigrant working on connecting to my ancestry while tending the unceded territory of the Chinook, and Multnomah peoples temporarily. Bringing attention and intention back to pleasure has opened space for me to feel expansive, joyful, and creative again. My goal in creating this community is to foster a similar experience for you; create a space that stokes your inner fire, helps you find and stand in your personal power and magic. I can’t wait to meet you!

The material is yours to keep within Seagrape Babes forever once you’ve completed the program!

Reliable internet connection and a laptop or iPad is needed to participate. Familiarity with Zoom and basic computer literacy is also a must. You will need to sign on with a device that has a camera and microphone to participate in the Q&A portion of class biweekly. Other materials needed will be emailed out monthly.

Ready to join us? Please make sure you have filled out our application, and paid your deposit in order to be fully signed up for Your Pleasure Filled Year!