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We're over the moon to share our new 2020 offerings with you all, as a thank you for being a part of what we do at Seagrape, as well as a way to keep the energies fresh and delicious throughout the year!
Each month we will release a new Magical Theme that we’ll be working with collectively, covering a juicy topic in depth through our weekly blog posts, the CSW tool kits, in-person classes at Sweet Magic, and even new monthly Spotify playlists! You’ll be able to join a global Seagrape study group as we work a theme together on our social media channels, in original newsletter spells, and rich blog posts to gather information and support each other on the journey of self-devotion.


How are you dreams speaking to you? This month, we're focusing on gaining new insight into creating support systems, dreaming BIG, and tapping into the intuitive nature of deep winter. During February we hold the theme of DREAMS & INTUITION, sinking into the creative and magical realms while listening deeply to inner guidance. We'll be holding a few dreamy workshops at Sweet Magic, as well as providing some magical tools through our monthly themed CSW box.
This months "Dream your Dream" box includes:
- dream Smokes
- Dream Decoder deck
- House -made, relax perfume and Dreams talisman
- Physic Eye tea
- third eye oil
worth $100

June Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Hot Witch Summer (PREORDER)

June Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Hot Witch Summer (PREORDER)

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Place your orders for June's CSW! All about cultivating Hot Witch Summer energy, ships 6/10!

($100 value for only $75!)

Hot Witch Summer kit contains:
Magical bag
CBD bath soak
Devi aphrodisiac perfume
Indulge soap
Gratitude and self love zine
Pleasure activist potion
value $110, only $75!
May Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Abundance PREORDER

May Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Abundance PREORDER

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Place your orders for May's CSW! All about cultivating ABUNDANCE, ships 5/10!

($100 value for only $75!)

These are the critical moments of foundational assessment. We grow from where we stand. Where are there cracks, loose floorboards, or structural fragilities? We are just as much our bodies as we are our shadows, because one does not exist without the other. In this time, I dedicate myself to mending the bonds of self, adjusting relationships; supporting them where repairs are needed, or letting go of what I have outgrown. I'm learning to take up more space, physically, vocally, and energetically, and undoing the generational training of apology. I welcome abundance, because I am abundance.

This Lucious kit includes: 
Prosperity Magic book
Magic blank journal
Success Ritual kit
Money Magic tea
3 chime candles 
Energize perfume
value: $97, only $75!
April Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Inner-Compass

April Community Supported Witch (CSW) Kit: Inner-Compass

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Place your orders for April's CSW! All about cultivating guidance through your  INNER COMPASS, shipping on 4/10!

($100 value for only $75!)

Your INNER COMPASS glows with the burning embers of possibility. The shift to spring can be jarring if we're not ready for the ride, especially during this weird time. The themes of self-guidance and passion burn within, warming us from our core. This April, let's stoke those fires! Take time to gaze into the burning embers of your own being and be warmed from the inside out. You can be your own source, and your own guide. The blooming of our beings takes courage, and we're here to support the journey. Take a step into growth and new possibility.
As the world slows down in response to the global pandemic, we see an opportunity to turn towards our own inner knowing. What is it you need right now? How can you cultivate your inner-fire to live a life truest to you? How are you using this time to rest, to fight, to make art, to listen to your intuition?
This kit includes our favorite medicine for times of upheaval and growth: a gentle spray to remind you you are made of start, a Snake to add to your Altar-- a symbol of shedding of the old, a bar of Devotion soap to help you prioritize YOU, sacred incense to clear your space and your body, and a mirror spell including a lodestone to help you come back to center. 
This months Community Supported Witch (CSW) "Inner-compass" box includes:
Stsarwater Spray
Ceramic Snake + tealight
Devotion Soap
Loose incense + charcoal
Mirror Magic spell with lodestone
($100 value for only $75!)

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