Ritual Kits: Dreaming, Cleansing, Creativity

Ritual Kits: Dreaming, Cleansing, Creativity

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Placed inside of matchboxes, the Ritual Kits provide objects and exercises to perform thematic rituals. Each kit contains an illustration from the Tarot, an intention-setting exercise and/or chart, alchemical symbol illustrations, candle(s), and a gemstone amulet and/or loose stones. All content is specific to the particular kit’s symbolism (in color, meaning, etc.). 
1Follow the instructions inside to perform a personal ritual focused on the specified theme. By combining the symbolism of alchemy & tarot with simple introspective exercises, this Ritual Kit offers the user an opportunity to bring new insight & even resolution to the issue at hand. It is our belief that your focus is aided by the energy of the symbolic objects enclosed. 

DREAMING: Enhance your dream recall and explore the hidden content within your dreams.

CLEANSING: Purify the energy of a new space or banish unwanted energy to repurpose an existing one.

CREATIVITY: Unblock inspiration and explore new channels of creative growth.

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