Smoke Clearing Bundles

Smoke Clearing Bundles

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Handmade with materials gathered in Portland, OR, these bundles are perfect for burning. Each herb is chosen for magical and healing properties. 

Clear the Air: Made of Rosemary and Mullein for protection and together with Juniper they help cleanse and purify the air. Juniper also helps to generally promote good health. Also includes Alfalfa which adds to the protection element in the bundle as well as freeing one from monetary worries which is sure to help clear the air.

Money Bundle: Mint, Alfalfa, Chicory, Cedar, Basil. Make your magic, call in abundance with this evocative blend! 

Creativity + Cleansing: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Rose. A beautiful bundle with soft and supportive herbs to help you ease into a creative practice. Perfect for artists! 

Chamomile + Cedar: Chamomile has long been used in magical practice, known to increase inner peace and bring inner clarity around one's spiritual purpose. Cedar is grounding, healing, and protective. 

Lavender + Cedar: Burning Lavender invites in a sense of tranquility and peace, Cedar is grounding, healing and protective.

Lavender + Juniper: Burning Lavender invites in a sense of tranquility and peace, and Juniper is deeply protective. A great blend for blessing a new home, office, or other space. 

Rosemary + Juniper: Burning rosemary can help clear out negative energy, and juniper is deeply protective. A great blend for heartbreak, grief, or nightmares. 

Yarrow: One of Seagrape's favorite herbal allies - this plant works  to enhance energetic boundaries, clear negative energy, and call your power back to yourself. A protective and clearing bundle. 

Rosemary + Rose: Rose is an amazing herbal ally for self compassion, self love, and boundaries. Let yourself bloom, but protect yourself as well! Rosemary is clearing and protective. This bundle clears out the old, and invites in the soft. 

Lavender: Lavender helps soothe anxiety, invite in love, and a soft protective energy. 

Cedar: Protective and grounding, connects us to our ancestors

Rosemary: When burned, Rosemary releases a powerful clearing and protective energy. Helpful to aid against nightmares, and stimulating for the mind - perfect for clearing your space before or after working! 

Protection: Bay, cedar, eucalyptus and lavender work together to create a peaceful and protective energy.

Cedar + Mint: Fresh and earthy, the soothing scents of mint and cedar will put your mind at ease.

Each of these bundles is approximately 6-7" long and 1 1/2-2" diameter. Please allow for some variation due to the fact that these are all hand made.

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