2024 Seagrape Lunar Calendar

2024 Seagrape Lunar Calendar

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A limited edition 2024 print by Seagrape Apothecary!

Use the Lunar calendar to track the New and Full Moon phases, the sign the moon is in, and how they affect your mood, cycles, and energy throughout the months. Plan spell work and rituals to nourish yourself and the collective, and remember always that your body is a sanctuary—an Altar. 


18" x 24" offset printed locally in Portland, OR.

*Please note that the calendars most often ship separately in a paper tube if your order contains other items. 


Have you ever kept a Lunar calendar? It’s one of my favorite things for tracking my moon cycle, mood, and ritual practices. Here is the rundown of a Lunar calendar, but I recommend doing your own research if you’re as smitten by it as I am!

The moon is in a different astrology sign every 1-3 days. The energy of that sign in turn influences the mood of the day. For example, when the moon is in Cancer you might feel like a homebody, wanting to stay in your PJ’s and tend to family matters (great for building Altars!). You’ll be able to intuitively feel into the wisdom of your body through the energies of the moon phases, related astrology, and magical practices. You can simply google what sign the moon is in on any given day or keep a planner to jot down your Lunar associations, though a Lunar Calendar is always an amazing magical tool to have around!

Here is a list of the Astro Signs and their “flavor” or common characteristics. Use this to develop your own spell work (hop on the Seagrape Babes membership site or blog to learn more if you’d like some guidance), track the way you are affected emotionally, or to help you tap into different parts of your body while journaling. Is the Moon in Taurus? Time to tend to your home and beauty principles by adding some soft, sensual textures, cooking a meal with magical intention (and herbs), sweeping with intention (with a beautiful broom, of course), or burning a grounding candle. Spell work can be anything you do within a magical mind frame- even making your morning coffee if you whisper an intention into it.


If feeling creative, use the qualities of the elements each sign represents to influence your journal prompts or create little rituals like elemental Altars for yourself. Browse the website for more magical ideas!


Signs and energies:

Aries- fiery, curious, adventurous, enthusiastic, creative, innovative, passionate

​Taurus- earthy, grounded, abundant, determined, steady, patient, beauty, love, sensuality

​Gemini- airy, intellectual, communication, adaptability, connection, networking, duality

​Cancer- watery, intuitive, home energy, protection, imagination, creativity

​Leo- fiery, creative, generous, joyful, embodied, confident

​Virgo- earthy, organized, reliable, practical, analytical, good at systems and planning

​Libra- airy, charming, beauty, balance, romance, the arts

​Scorpio- watery, shadow work, psychic abilities, intuition, passion, cord cutting, clearing

​Sagittarius- fiery, adventure, travel, philosophy, learning, optimism, luck, creativity

​Capricorn- earthy, practical, financial stability, planning, structure, discipline, building

​Aquarius- Airy, visionary, inventive, creative, humanitarian, outside of the box

​Pisces- watery, sensitive, psychic abilities, sympathy, dreamy, artistic, divination, intuition


Wholesale stockists can order these beauties in sets of 15!

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