Nourish Lymphatic Chest Butter

Nourish Lymphatic Chest Butter

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Listen to your body's request for more attention. Our chests greet the world, noticing if things feel off, or if it's safe to take up some space. Nourishing our heart space is a vital part of being in-tune with our bodies, emotions, and needs. This chest butter is a helpful aid in lymphatic massage, soothing chest pain, and nourishing your heart space- helping you open yourself up to the world. Intention is powerful magic, and if your chest needs a little TLC (post surgery, painful conditions, or uncomfortable PMS). Nourish Butter is here to help deliver the magic. 

The butter encourages lymphatic drainage, helps release toxins, promotes healthy tissue and circulation, as well as helps release hard emotions held in the chest.

Use a quarter sized amount of butter, warming it in your hands and gently massaging the chest from heart center to armpit or in any way that feels good.

Ingredients: coconut, olive, jojoba oil, cocoa, shea butter infused with violet leaf, rose, clover. Essential oils of geranium, cypress, rosemary, and lemon.


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