Dog Heart Farms Alcohol Free Tinctures

Dog Heart Farms Alcohol Free Tinctures

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Made in Portland, OR at Flying Dogheart Farms, these tinctures are made with a base of vegetable glycerine and apple cider vinegar. Specially formulated to help manage stress responses. 

Try a dropper full in your bubbly water, on a salad or just directly under the tongue. 

+ Lavender: restful sleep, nervous system soothing, anti-inflammatory  

+ Borage: can alleviate inflammation and aid for skin issues. An ally for courage and optimism.

+ California Poppy: boosts cognitive function, restful sleep, nervous system soothing 

+ Milky Oats: nourish and tone the nervous system, excellent ally when dealing with depression

+Yarrow: aids in circulation, an magical ally for boundaries and protection 

+Tulsi Basil: acts as an adaptogen, can help your body adapt to stress and promotes balance 

+Mugwort: dreamy ally, promotes restful sleep and connection to intuition 

+ May pop (Passionflower): anxiety relieving, restful sleep 

+ Corn Silk: high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and calming. 

+ Elderberry: a blend of elderberry, elecampane, Oregon grape, sage, rosemary, lavender, yarrow, and rose. So delicious!! Would be fantastic added to a salad dressing or over berries. 

+ Pink Rose: associated with love and beauty, and ruled by Venus, Aphrodite, and Eros - this flower is a magical powerhouse. I love using rose in spells for self compassion and self love, because the beauty of the rose is not without its thorns!

+ Chamomile: this sweet flower can help with insomnia, anxiety, and digestive upsets. 

+ Marshmallow: one of the most effective natural dry cough remedies. Especially effective at beating a cold or the flu when combined with other anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herbs



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