Set of Four Flirty and Shimmery Lip Balms

Set of Four Flirty and Shimmery Lip Balms

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A powerflly soothing lip balm that goes on smooth and leaves your lips moisturized and protected from the effects of every day life. Colored with herbs and flavored only with essential oils, this balm gives your lips and all natural soft sheen... A sampler of four different balms.

Sweet Temptation 

Flirty and healing all at the same time, this glossy and glittery lip balm is colored with beet root to give your lips a natural tint and includes lemon and clove essential oil to promote healing.

Object of Desire

This smooth and sparkly lip balm combines the best ingredients and aromatherapy for the ultimate lip protection. Colored with cosmetic grade glitter and scented with essential oils of bergamot, anise and lavender.

Minty Smooch 

Powerful mint flavor meets powerful lip protection. Goes on clear so both men and women can enjoy this breath freshening healing balm.


Flavor free with a buttery texture, the oils and butters in this balm will nourish and protect dry, cracked lips.

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