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10-26-2024 Story & Ancestral Memory

Exploring Ancestral Craft Through the Seasons Series

In this seasonal series, connect with your ancestral magic through the elemental gifts of the seasons. Join Espen Artio, ancestral witch & folk magic practitioner, for this journey into the foundations of ancestral craft. In each class, we will explore different aspects of how to connect with your ancestry for healing, blessing, and empowerment…all rooted in the values of love & liberation.

Class includes lecture, a short journey, and time for sharing & questions!

In Autumn, season of Water, we will connect to the well of ancestral memory that lives within each of us, and sit with the power of stories for healing & liberation. Together, we will explore:

•how we embody the stories we carry and the fluid possibilities of remything

•how to use ancestral stories to help us understand our lives

•storytelling as a means of both remembering ancient & ancestral wisdom and as a way to envision new futures

•how we can shift the narrative of internalized, generational stories to reclaim ancestral gifts and heal ancestral wounds

In preparation for the workshop, please gather the following items:

  • Pen and paper or a journal
  • Snacks and drinks for nourishment!


If you are interested, a recording of Part 1 in this series (Embodying Your Ancestral Magic: Your Body Is The Altar) can be found here. Information regarding Part 2 (Ancestral Prayers: Embodying Your Sacred Voice) tickets can be found here and Part 3 (Beauty Is Your Birthright: Beauty & Pleasure Magic for Ancestral Healing) tickets can be found here.



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