Grateful Desert Herbal Tinctures

Grateful Desert Herbal Tinctures

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Cold and Flu

An anti-biotic and anti-viral blend for the treatment of acute symptoms of cold and flu—including cough, excess mucus in lungs and sinuses, fever, and achy muscles.

echinacea* goldenseal* osha when available+  chamomile* coltsfoot* horehound* anise* skullcap* ginger* garlic* cayenne* horseradish* orange rind*
* organic        + wild-crafted

Respiratory Remedy
Acute: For coughs associated with congestion, bronchitis, or pneumonia.  Also acts as an anti-microbial associated with respiratory illness.
Tonic: This remedy is excellent as a general tonic for the respiratory system, for those who smoke, and those who have a tendency toward chronic bronchitis or pneumonia.

osha when available+  anise* coltsfoot* horehound* mullein* licorice* ginger* cayenne* garlic*
* organic        + wild-crafted

Immune Power
For use in cases of weak or compromised immune systems, helping to boost the body’s natural ability to protect ourselves. When we get sick, our immune system in depleted, making us susceptible to every passing illness. This is a perfect formula to take for 3 months before the cold and flu season starts.  For anyone who is determined to stay healthy all season.

astragalus* wild oat top* chamomile* nettles* eleuthero* schizandra*
* organic        + wild-crafted


Chill Out

Used for stubborn and severe anxiety, panic attacks and acute emotional trauma. In cases of acute anxiety, use this formula immediately and often. Best used for acute symptoms of anxiety coupled with a nervine, to establish balance  in the CNS. This will eliminate the need for use of this formula.

valerian*  gwc kava kava  damiana+  skullcap*  california poppy*  wood betony*  linden*

Anxiety free 
Useful in cases of nervous tension, panic, circular thought patterns and agitation, this gentle tonic conditions the nervous system, helping the body better deal with stress. This formula is also effective for immediate relief from panic attacks.

skullcap* chamomile* wild oat top* damiana+ nettles* alfalfa*
* organic        + wild-crafted

Sensual Aphrodisiac
Formulated for both women and men, this delicious blend of herbs can be used in cases of diminished libido, to decrease the amount of time needed for women to reach climax, or just to add some spark to our sex life.

muira puama, damiana+ eleuthero* vanilla* rose* orange rind*

* organic        + wild-crafted

Sleep deep 
A formula rich in calming nervines, used for deep relaxation, relief of nervous tension, and sweet dreams.

passion flower* valerian* hops* wood betony* linden*
​California poppy* chamomile* damiana+  

* organic        + wild-crafted

Vital energy
Indicated for persistent fatigue, low chi, decreased fertility and chronic low energy. It stokes the body’s fire, bringing balance, stamina and core energy.

ho shu wu* chinese ginseng* eleuthero* schizandra* ginkgo* gotu kola* bilberry*
* organic       + wild-crafted

Women’s blend
Acute: Used for pre-menstrual and pre-menopausal symptoms, such as painful cramping, bloating and emotional turmoil.  Also used for balancing irregular cycles.
​Tonic: This blend balances estrogen and progesterone, favoring progesterone and favorably affecting the general health of the uterus and ovaries and helping to maintain their function.

vitex* dandelion* burdock* sarsaparilla* nettles* skullcap* vanilla* rose* licorice* star anise* cinnamon*

Adrenal support

For fatigue and exhaustion, caused by frequent or prolonged stress. Pain, injury, stress and illness cause the adrenal glands to release hormones that induce the fight-or-flight response. Prolonged stress depletes our adrenal glands, preventing full recovery. Adrenal Action Formula is an adaptogenic blend that restores function to the adrenals.

eleuthero* licorice* schizandra* skullcap* wild oat top*
* organic        + wild-crafted


Digest Aid Tincture Formula: Digestive Bitters

This Bitters formula is used to help prevent weak digestion, heartburn and weak appetite.  It stimulates the body’s own digestive system, helping digest food without the crutch of antacids or enzymes.  Also helps to balance the GI tract when afflicted with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 
Tonic:  Bitters have been taken daily for centuries to support general wellness, restoring all of the body’s organs to a working balance.

gentian* artichoke* orange rind*
* organic        + wild-crafted

Body Boost 

Increases stamina and restores physical health by nourishing the system and bringing about balance, especially in the case of lost vitality.  Formulated to boost energy and aid in recovery in for athletes.  When used in a training program, take 10-15 minutes before each workout.

eleuthero* muira puama  sarsparilla+  dulse+  horsetail+  bladderwrack+  skullcap*  chamomille*  fresh milky wild oat tops*  damiana+  fresh nettles*  alfalfa*

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