Smoke Clearing Bundles

Smoke Clearing Bundles

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Handmade with materials gathered in Portland, OR, these bundles are perfect for burning. Each herb is chosen for magical and healing properties. 

Money Bundle:

Alfalfa-Invites and protects wealth. It was utilized by our ancestors and even today to feed livestock. As such it was something that they would burn as an offering to the Gods as part of sympathetic magic believing that by doing so they might bring more abundance into their lives.

Basil-Invites abundance, prosperity and wealth.

Cedar-Draws wealth into your life and protects it. It cleanses negativity and self doubt allowing you to feel your true strength and abilities.

Chicory-Fosters frugality and ones propensity to save. It helps one to combat greed and overindulgence. (As a Virgo this is only that I wholeheartedly needed to add.)

Mint-Energizes, and boosters self-confidence and self-worth while also cleansing and drawing money. It allows one to think clearly and creatively.

Positivity and Protection Bundle: 

uniper-Rids a space or person of negativity and provides a healing space in which to care for yourself and others.

Mint-Vibrates with energy, positivity, and healing. When I say vibrates I really mean that in that you can feel the energy coming off of this herb.

Lavender-Brings joy and peace into ones life.

Mullein-Protects and cleanses while giving one a calm space for healing work.

Dreams and Visions Bundle: 

Cedar- Stops bad dreams

Elecampane- Sharpens psychic powers

Lavender-induces sleep and protects

Mugwort- Enhances prophetic dreaming

Rosemary-Cleanses and keeps nightmares away

Healing Creativity Bundle: 

Bay-has lovely healing vibrations that can resonate in a space and enhance one’s practice.

Rosemary-is the perfect cleansing and healing herb. It purifies the space making it perfect for cleansing you home as well.

Eucalyptus- is a high vibration herb helping to cleanse while also bringing creativity and positivity into any space.

Rose- softens one and supports one in feeling self love.

Protect Your Boundaries Bundle: 

Elecampane-Protects and sharpens psychic powers

Horehound-Protects and strengthens mental powers

Juniper-Dispels negative energy and enhances psychic powers

Penny Royal-Keeps your secrets safe and creates peace

Yarrow-Protects your boundaries and allows you time to heal


Each of these bundles is approximately 6-7" long and 1 1/2-2" diameter. Please allow for some variation due to the fact that these are all hand made.

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