Transforming Shadows: Tending All Parts of You

Here we stand at a crossroads. Can you feel the call of change in the air? It reverberates from the innermost layer of self, rippling out like a sacred stone on an infinite lake. What would happen if you were to look beyond the veil of chaos, and peer into the truth it contains? There is a strange comfort in the night sky as the cold wind blows. It teaches us to be resilient, and to protect ourselves through the kind of tough love that nature knows so well. Even through these obstacles, we are seen and nurtured. Now is the time to tie loose ends, cut old chords, soothe our tender souls, and pay tribute to our shadow selves. You are revolutionary, and so is your magic. A part of you is being reborn as a brand new being right this very moment, healing and transforming yourself, and changing as the seasons do. As your magic continues to ripple out, the spells you cast this month will be for you, for your communities, and for the world.  
Take some time today to tend to your shadows, the parts of you that you think aren't "good enough", the imposter syndrome, the anxiety, the fear and anger. Those parts of us are just as vital as our other qualities and deserve to be tended. You are a whole person, after all. As you go about your day try carrying a black tourmaline with you, or setting up a black tourmaline grid around your room or your bath. Tourmaline helps remove negative energy from a person or a space. Known as a "big-time energy purifier" - it will help transform unstable/jumpy/anxious energy into balanced and grounded vibes. It is a very protective stone, guarding in both the physical and psychic realms. Popularly used for protecting against waves and digital emissions, many folks used black tourmaline to ward off radiation from cell phones. 
To honor your shadows, draw a full body bath or a foot soak for yourself, adding salts and herbs or your favorite soaking blend to support your bathing ritual. While the heat permeates your skin, feel your spirit drift into the unknown. Once you've left the tub, offer some time to free write a few pages in your journal, answering the prompt: what shadows are coming up for me? what are they saying? what's the truth in the situation, and how are my shadows trying to protect me? 
More Journal Prompts:
What strengths or resources to I have that can help support me as I face my struggles?
Where do my emotions live in my body?
What am I afraid I might learn from my emotions?
How can I celebrate my courage to face my emotions?  
Magical Tea to open up
As we enter the winter season, and focus on transforming shadows - the possibility and cycles that are open to us for healing and transformation, connect to your intuition with this magical tea. The herbs featured here include Mugwort, a plant that is used for strengthening connection to the dream world and the divine; Blue Cornflower, which is magically connected to self-knowledge and abundance; Peppermint, for protection and healing; and Rose, for self-love, beauty, and divination. 
3 Tablespoons Dried Mugwort
1 Tablespoon Blue Cornflower 
4 Tablespoons Peppermint
4 Tablespoons Rose 
Combine all ingredients in a jar with a tight lid. To use, steep 1-3 teaspoons in hot water. Drink before bed to enhance your connection to the dream world, and remember to jot down any dreams upon waking! 
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