Sensual Eating as Pleasure Spell

Magic happens in the kitchen. We take ingredients and transform them through the elements into delicious vehicles of nutrients to our amazing bodies! How utterly magical. 
Food and bodies -  especially assigned/perceived female bodies, fat bodies, Black and Brown bodies can have really complicated relationships. We are told by society, families, and lovers what we should or should not put in our bodies, that we shouldn’t experience pleasure let alone pleasure through food, or that food is all around something to feel guilty about. Re-writing those messages can be painful, complicated, and difficult - but creating and nurturing a safer and more equal relationship with food can be a beautiful way to connect to our pleasure and bodies as a sanctuary
Food is a way to connect to nature, connect to our ancestors, and connect to ourselves. Food is a gift - from the earth and for yourself. Food is a spell - of self nourishment, energy, and love. Everything from planning, preparing, and enjoying your meal is an act of self-devotion and a message of self-love that causes a ripple effect through the rest of your life. Eating is already a daily routine for most of us and is a golden opportunity to shift mindless action into intentional living. Incorporating ritual into meals allows you to savour and delight in the abundance in front of you- whether it’s tuesday night take out or a birthday cake. 
Picture eating a piece of chocolate. Now, picture placing it on your tongue, allowing the chocolate to slowly melt and interact with your taste buds- the rich flavour filling your whole mouth. It's just a different mindset, but it is also an invitation for the Divine. 
If you are looking to delve into a pleasure ritual for yourself, take this as an invitation to set a date for yourself, and indulge in sensual eating. 
Set the mood - maybe light some candles on your altar, around your kitchen, or turn on some other soft lighting. Play some music, listen to a book on tape, or enjoy the ambient noise of your home. Prepare yourself a delicious meal - it could be something you’ve never tried before with luxurious ingredients; a snack plate with dried fruits, nuts, cheese; a straight-forward meal that makes you feel really good; a cut up piece of fruit; or delivery from your favorite spot. Put the meal on your favorite plate. Pour yourself a glass of ice cold water or piping hot tea. Sit somewhere really comfy, maybe prop your feet up on a pillow! The scene is set, you're ready for your spell - diving into your delicious meal!
Sensual eating is a way to use all your senses to give yourself a super pleasurable meal. Taking time to set the scene and pamper yourself is a self care practice! This ritual is more in depth, but if there is an element that really lights you up try to incorporate it into your meals going forward!
Sensual Eating Journal Prompt:
Draw or collage your dream meal + setting! Create a vision board of your favorite recipes, tablescapes, decor, and foods. Try to find an image that appeals to each one of your five senses. How does this sensual meal feed other parts of you- your creativity, your sensuality, your Desire? 
If you feel inclined to share, please post a picture of your sensual meal and tag us!
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