Learning to work with your Guides

Have you ever had a clear sensation of being watched out for, taken care of, or even kept from harm's way in a manner that could only be described as otherworldly? Have you received potent golden drops of wisdom from strangers, or even from a keen knowing that suddenly enters your awareness? Do you sometimes experience dreams of kind people or benevolent entities you've never met in your waking world? Perhaps these entities are ancestors you knew, now passed from this world. Maybe they are ancestors you've never met. Spirit guides have many guises and personalities. They come from many sources, some of them being quite surprising. If any of these sentiments feel familiar, it's time to say hello to your divine chorus of Guides. 


These energetic expressions are an extension of the divine mystery, of source, given specific work to do with you as your spirit continues to make their way through your life. Guides have a variety of roles and appear and interact with us in different ways. These guides have a contractual responsibility and deep bond to your inner core. Their light and your light hold a magnetic force which never goes away, and can always be turned to. This bond is like any relationship in that it requires tending and nurturing to thrive, but the difference lies in that it's truly unconditional. Our loving guides are present to support us in our purpose, working to illuminate our path and clear away the mental and spiritual smog that collects within. 


To connect with our guides, we must first and foremost humble ourselves. To think we are alone in life, can make our own way or try to prove that  we don't need help is ultimately futile, not to mention rude to the energies that have helped us get this far. Nobody is an island, and spiritually we have always been interdependent. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to reclaim our right to interdependency in this life. We now have the choice to quiet the inner voices of hyper-logic and overactive diligence, and finally, finally listen to that which has wished to see us in our most profound radiance: the collective song of our sacred guides. 


If you have an altar practice you may begin offering gifts to your guides, incorporating them into your grounding space. This could be a small plate of food, a dish of honey, a cup of tea, or even a glass of fresh water. You may light a candle and sit with your guides, using tarot or oracle cards, or simply asking them for guidance and paying gratitude for their presence in your life. You can go for a calming walk with the intention of stepping into new understanding with your guides alongside you. You can also devote ritual for your ever-growing relationship with your guides, whether that be a bath, a freshly cooked meal, doing your makeup, writing in your journal or brushing your hair. These moments within our days can be set as moments of devotion and tribute. 


For those of you just beginning to seek higher connection with guides, working with them to discover new possibilities and purpose, try this simple ritual at home:



  1.  set aside some private time, and create intentional space that is just for you. This could be in the bath, or in a room where you will not be disturbed.

  2. use a spray to clear the space. This is an act of respect, preparing the space as a welcoming environment to your guides. 

  3. sit and ground in. Imagine a deep, glowing root growing from the base of your body and making its way towards the core of the earth. From above you sprout infinite branches, each alit with the energy of your divine guides.

  4. remain in this space for a minimum of 3 minutes. Allow your heart to open, and your energy to expand with pure gratitude.


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