Inviting our Ancestors In

When we strengthen our connection to our ancestors, we strengthen our relationship to ourselves and our community. No one stands alone, and our web of connection extends beyond the physical realm. Connection can be found in so many places - start with your inner knowing, and extend that to your body and your home.


Tend to your inner witch by strengthening the bonds to your Allies and Spirit guides. These ancestors can be concrete people who you've known and loved, community members who guide you, Queer ancestors who blazed a trail for you, or the spirits of the land that you are connected to. Make room for these tendrils of connection in your life by clearing out what no longer serves you. Tend to your relationship with them - invite them in for tea and conversation. Make your space cozy for them, nourish your body and spirit in a way that honors and reflects their deep and unending love for you. Allow their guidance to come to you in soft murmurs, intuitive guidance, and even loud signs!


It's common to feel disconnected from our cultures, ancestors, and intuition. The modern world finds many ways to keep us isolated, and some ancestors or family do not feel like safe connections to maintain. Refrain from using this as an opportunity to perpetuate cultural appropriation, instead use it as an opportunity to go back even farther - find ancestors that haven't been impacted by the cis-hetero-patriarchy, even if that means it's the ancestors in the trees, the breeze, or the sea!


This herbal family blessing comes from The Book of Herb Spells, and is a great way to begin to create a dedicated space in your home for your relationship and connection to your ancestors. You will need:

1/4 cup dried ginkgo

1/4 cup dried lavender

1/4 cup dried sage

a small box or container with a lid

photos, images, drawings etc of your ancestors or family

something to write with and a journal or slip of paper

an altar cloth


Begin by laying out your cloth, and setting your container in the middle. Take a few deep breaths, and begin to free write to your ancestors. This could be what you hope to gain from your relationship, how you can support each other, what you are proud of, or more! Write for at least 5-10 minutes. When you are done writing, place the herbs, letter, and photos in your container. Add it to your altar, or somewhere special in your home. Open the box and add new letters, or speak affirmations to your ancestors whenever you need their guidance or connection.


This family blessing is one way to create an offering for your ancestors. You can also use food and beverages on your altar, dried plants, meditation, song, and dance as a way to connect! What ways do your ancestors feel celebrated and joyful?

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