Investing in your Pleasure

The energy of abundance can be a tricky one to grasp. Capitalism wants us to feel like the only answer to true happiness is locked behind a black Amex card, a ticket price set so high we can’t bear the cost. However, our bodies and our communities are deep wells of abundance, and we can access them any time. We can be abundant in community, creativity, in gratitude, and in pleasure! Shifting your mindset to focus on what you are abundant in helps to create a healthy relationship with abundance, allowing us to make more room for the things we love! 


This month, practice shifting your mindset away from a purely money-focused idea of abundance. Think about exploring the rich textures of other abundant energies like sacred commerce, mutual aid, creativity, your body and your pleasure as a spell. Focusing intention and energy into these new arenas will open you up to the abundance all around you. 


The first and easiest way to invest in your pleasure, and explore a new corner of abundance magic is through engaging in sacred commerce. Sacred commerce is engaging in value exchange from a place of self awareness and intention. We can’t always support exclusively people, places, and things that are 100% in line with our values (hello paying parking tickets….) but when we can, investing in minority owned businesses, supporting artists, supporting sex workers, donating to nonprofits and politicians working to support causes you are passionate about, and supporting small farmers are all ways to make your money work for you. 


Explore your connection to sacred commerce through this abundance ritual:

Light a green, gold, or white candle. Anoint yourself or your space in a citrus ritual oil, and take out your journal. Open your budgeting app, bank statement, or just think back, and write out your last month of purchases. Now, go through and highlight all the things that make you feel juiced up! Did you treat yourself to a pastry from the coffee shop around the corner? Did you try a new dish, so you got some special ingredients from the store? What about a donation to a cause you feel inspired to support? After you’ve highlighted, take some time to write out how these transactions are in line with your values. You supported small businesses, invested in your self care, and supported your community! Get creative here. Flip to a fresh page, and imagine some other values you’d like to support through sacred commerce. Folks with more privilege, like White, Straight, Cis - be sure to take a critical lens to your sacred commerce. Are there ways you can use your privilege and access to resources to uplift the communities around you? 


Mutual Aid is another way to engage in scared commerce, and move away from a money-focused mindset. Mutual Aid is the exchange of resources or services as a value exchange, usually focused on supporting our immediate communities. This could look like starting a spreadsheet with your neighbors about resources and safety in case of an emergency, babysitting kids for friends and family, driving someone to an appointment or helping to pick up supplies for someone who doesn’t have access to a car. Herbalism lends itself to mutual aid, some of our favorite stockists like Ms. Tea Herbals and 69 Herbs have experience and success running and donating herbal remedies to communities that need more support. 


Art and creativity are another essential part of abundance magic. Creative energy encourages our minds to come up with new ways to solve problems, relax, connect to our inner child, and expand. Creating room for playfulness and joy breathes life into dark spaces. If that’s not abundant energy, what is? This month, take some time to invite in more creative energy into your practice. Can you rearrange your altar? Add some fresh pops of color to your beauty practice, home, or journal? Cook a new recipe, or try taking 15 minutes in the morning to free draw, or free write without judgement! When we release our grip on perfection, we are able to see the abundance of creativity we have within us. 


Creativity is abundance of the mind, and pleasure is abundance in the body. Our senses and our bodies are built for pleasure, and this is a free resource we can access any time! Invite in pleasure into your daily ritual - sip your favorite tea in the morning, wake up early so you can watch the sunrise, or take an afternoon walk to admire the daffodils poking their sunny faces towards the sky. Brush the softest fabrics across your skin, use fragrant oils, or soak sore muscles in a luscious bath. You can also engage in Sex Magic to call in abundance and pleasure! The clit is the ONLY body part built exclusively for pleasure, isn’t that just magical? 


To use Sex Magic for abundance, focus your energy on an affirmation or manifestation during orgasm. The energy from your orgasm amplifies your intention, creating a spell for you, by you! This is a sacred way to connect back into your body, harness your magic, and manifest your own abundance. If orgasms can’t be achieved, that’s always ok! Sex Magic is about maximizing your pleasure, so just focus on your mantra while raising your sexual vibration. Using crystal wands or yoni eggs, or infused oils like Seagrape’s Devotion Potion is another way to help maximize your intention during Sex Magic rituals.



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