Guest Blog Post: Clearing & Protection Spells to Cultivate Self-love by Rasia Pouncie

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To cast or not to cast, that is the question. 


Love spells can be used to draw someone to you, make someone stay, or keep someone from cheating, but the most important love spell to cast is always an eternal one. 


The question shouldn't be if love spells work or not. The question should be, do you want someone who doesn't want to be with you ? Like all spells, they work off of energy and intention. The castor is simply manipulating the energies and elements to create the desired outcome. Typically with love spells, the spell is cast and only ends up working temporarily. This is because of free will and destiny. You can only hold someone back from their destiny and utilizing their free will for so long until they begin to rebel. In a small number of cases, the spell works on a long term basis. This happens for two reasons: 1. There is already a strong healthy bond between the two parties in the relationship. In this case, the spell acts as a reminder to reignite the passion and to remind the two parties of the love they have or could share. 2. The person who is being worked on is of weak mind and can be bent to the castors will. In this case, the energy can be unstable. The person you are working on could become obsessed with you and begin to act out. 


What I advise my clients to do is cultivate self-love and inner bliss first. Working on yourself is like turning on a porch light that will attract what it is meant to be for you. Be thankful for what you have and harness your individual power. Create a dialogue with your Spirit team , tell them what it is you want and work with them to manifest it. If there is a break up or an ending of a marriage, usually it's needed . And if it isn't, you will find your way back to each other. We are all born with magic in us ! We are all forged of the same elements. Some of us may be stronger spiritually than others but that doesn't mean you aren't capable of cultivating your gifts. 


Another helpful suggestion for making space for the right things to appear in your life would be to cleanse yourself often. This can be done with specific herbal bath blends, crystals, a coconut, salt, or a glass of water. Cleansing yourself often helps keep negative energy off of you which allows your blessings to flow to you with ease. We all want to be happy and in love. Instead of looking outside ourselves for this, we need to start cultivating it from within. Once we do this, it's easier to detect what is working for us and what no longer serves our highest good. This will relieve us of the need for love spells and the need to cut cords due to unhealthy bonds. Your intuition is your super power! Your uniqueness is your super power! There is only one you! So BeYouToFull and the rest will follow. Trust the timing and flow of your life. 




Energy clearing and protection with herbal baths:


3 days before new moon and or daily as needed


  • Orris root powder
  • Angelica root
  • Hyssop 
  • Agrimony 
  • Basil
  • Add obsidian crystal to cut negative energy


3 days before full moon

Road Opener:

  • Rue
  • Mint
  • Abre Camino
  •  Basil



Look for positive Venus transits 

Heart Opening:

  • Fig
  • Cornflowers
  •  Rosebud
  •  Calendula
  •  Lavender



Energy clearing and protection  with crystals:


Wear black tourmaline to ward of lower energies.

Use tourmalated quartz to protect your physical space. Place a medium size piece in every corner of your home.


Energy clearing and protection with a coconut:


Beginning with your head rub the coconut on the crown of your head, moving down your face, chest, then both arms in no particular order, legs, to feet, then as far as you can reach up your back and down the back of your legs. Take care not to go over any area twice. 


Energy clearing and protection with salt:


Salt can be used as a protective barrier between you and negative energies. You can place salt in a pouch around your neck, add some to your bath or line the perimeter of your home with it.



Energy clearing and protection with a glass of water:


Beginning at the top of

Your head, Place your hands one over the other in an x formation above your head, two inches above your body. From head to toe, and then each arm in no particular order, trace your energy body with your hands. Then trace as far up your back and the back of each leg making sure that you do not trace over the same area twice. As you are doing this, visualize in your minds eye that your hands are magnets and that all of the negative energy is being drawn off of you and onto your hands. Release the energy from your hands into the glass of water in a flicking motion as if you were flicking water at someone playfully. Do this three times and then release the water down the drain. 


Don't miss Rasia's upcoming workshop, Cutting the Cord: Healing Practices for Energetic Liberation on 9/19/21 at 1pm PST via zoom, accessible worldwide!



Rasia Pouncie of Mystical Healing Guide is a Priestess in the tradition of Palo Kimbisa. This is an ancient practice that has its roots in the Congo Basin. Rasia has been a practitioner for 20 years. In addition to this, she utilizes quantum healing, crystal energetics, tarot, astrology, and her Clair abilities in her practice. Rasia provides services to her clients as a Certified Intuitive Life Coach and holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Find Rasia on instagram here.

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