Cinnamon has long been used to bolster and uplift abundance spells! Engage with the energy of prosperity with this simple ritual and spell you can easily work at home. This spell is perfect for drawing down the naturally abundant energy of the full moon, but can be done at any phase - especially as the moon waxes in its own abundance. 
  1. A jar or bowl of water
  2. Cinnamon sticks, cinnamon barkground cinnamon, or cinnamon essential oil
  3. 6 coins of any kind
  1. Place your jar or bowl of water at your altar, and consecrate by burning your favorite herbs, by ringing a bell, or by invoking divine energy with focus on ABUNDANCE, and blowing on the jar.  
  2. Add your 6 coins to the water. For each coin, offer an intention such as, "I wish to invite financial abundance, " "may my path to prosperity be cleared." 
  3. Spin or tap the surface of the water with your fingers, letting the water know who you are. 
  4. Add your cinnamon (sticks, bark, powder or oil), and place at a window, or anywhere the night sky can reach it. Let it stay overnight to absorb the full energy of the moon.  
  5. The following day, add your water to a ritual tub, a foot bath, offer to houseplants (only if free from cinnamon oil), or simply . Leave the coins at your altar, distributed throughout until the next full moon. 
Happy casting!


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